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A perfect balance between creativity and nostalgia

When you hear the phrase, “It’s Finger Lickin’ Good,” only one brand comes to mind. KFC’s newest Canadian campaign revives this iconic slogan and douses it with creativity, hilarity, and nostalgia. Titled “Sorry, Utensils, It’s Finger-Lickin’ Good,” this fresh campaign has KFC serving its unapologetically delicious food with a side of humor.

Crafted by AOR Courage, the genius lies in its central narrative: an amusing apology to the neglected forks and spoons of the world. The brand wittily acknowledges that with food as scrumptious as theirs, who needs utensils?

Henry Scholfield, a standout music and commercial director, takes the helm of this campaign. When Air Supply’s “All Out of Love” begins to play, viewers are reminded of the iconic tagline and the universality of the brand. From the globally cherished bucket of Fried Chicken to the deliciously seasoned Canadian white meat chicken tenders, the advert brings back mouth-watering memories. And let’s not even start on the world-famous gravy, which alone might make utensils obsolete!

The emotional crescendo of the ad is brilliantly contrasted with the tune, making every viewer momentarily mourn for the unused cutlery in their drawers. However, the feeling is fleeting, as KFC clarifies: they might be sorry for the cutlery, but they’re unapologetically proud of their finger-licking offerings.

A man eating fried chicken with a fork in a KFC ad, extending an apology to all utensils in 2023.

Katherine Bond-Debicki, Chief Marketing Officer of KFC Canada, reinforces the brand’s ethos, asserting that their taste sets them apart and that they’re sticking to it. The campaign also provides a visual feast, covering KFC’s broad offerings – from their classic chicken to sandwiches and wraps.

While this new effort by KFC is a twist on a familiar tagline, it’s executed with a refreshing flair. Joel Holtby, Co-Founder of Courage, mentions the challenge of breathing new life into a well-known slogan. Safe to say, they’ve lived life into it and added a sprinkle of humor, nostalgia, and ingenuity.

KFC’s “Sorry, Utensils” campaign is a culinary spectacle. It’s an ode to the brand’s immovable place in our culture and a testament to the age-old saying – the best things in life are meant to be savored, no forks required.

KFC ad 2023: Utensil apology featuring a gold spoon and flowers.
KFC ad 2023: Utensil apology


  • Creativity & Nostalgia: KFC’s approach of apologizing for the utensils perfectly balances creativity and nostalgia, reminding fans why they fell in love with the brand.
  • Broad Showcase: The campaign covers KFC’s wide spectrum of offerings, highlighting the diversity of their menu.
  • Emotional Connection: Using a familiar tune combined with a unique narrative creates an emotional crescendo that resonates with the audience.


  • Risk of Overusing the Tagline: While the tagline is iconic, there’s a danger of it becoming redundant if overused or not used innovatively.
  • Potential Alienation: Die-hard fans might cherish the nostalgia, but newer or younger audiences may not connect as deeply.
  • Missed Opportunities: While the campaign focuses heavily on the emotional and humorous aspects, it might have missed a chance to highlight more about the quality or sourcing of its ingredients.



A funny ad!

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