DIRECTV: Commercial Featuring Jon Bon Jovi

UPDATE: there are two more commercials in the “72 Hour Rewind” DIRECTV campaing.

Featuring Jon Bon Jovi, the new DirecTV commercial has some people upset, finding this ad offensive. This because Jon Bon Jovi sing “Maybe Reconsider Having That Second Child” in the ad to promote “72 Hour Rewind” DIRECTV feature. At the end of the spot Jon Bon Jovi add “See, that’s the power to turn back time,”.

On the cast list are: Pat Shay, Maria Dizzia, and Quinn Breslin.

“See, that’s the power to turn back time,” - Bon Jovi sings


It is a bad strategy to make this kind of jokes. Maybe is funny for some people, but it is offensive for parents with kids.

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  1. These DirectTV commercials are kind of pointless and also sort of insulting. Just watch them and try to really see all that they say and imply. Not sure it relates to anyone wanting to get what they’re advertising for…odd stuff.


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