UnitedHealthcare: Pool Vault

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This funny commercial was created by advertising agency Leo Burnett for United Healthcare. The cast is pretty good: AL Bayan, Christian Rosselli, Keiko Agena, Dan Hillaker. The spot has the well-known theme “dumb husbands” and smart wives. Pool Vault is essentially pole vaulting into a pool…

“Burgers, buns, and a little hotdogging. What could possibly go wrong? Pool Vaulting, see where the excitement leads. It can be hard to control your enthusiasm, but it’s easy to find quick care options and compare costs.”

Do not attempt


The spot is amusing, but may hurt men feelings...

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  1. Nothing funny about men being portrayed as juvenile – sick of the male bashing in the media and this commercial continues this sentiment – maybe the males will choose a different carrier that respects men

  2. Dislike this commercial, since it generically makes it ok to go to an Urgent care for a fall from a fair distance/height….a lot of times might be considered a trauma pt. For certain EDs….

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