Christmas Adverts 2020: The 10 Best XMAS ads

It is time to unveile the best Christmas Adverts 2020. The year 2020 was a challenging year for humanity. We had to reinvent ourselves; we had to stay more isolated in our homes and learn new terms such as social distance.
The world of advertising has been put to the test. Fortunately, the creativity of those in advertising won, and we had the pleasure of seeing a lot of successful commercials this year.
The holiday season traditionally brings wonderful Christmas TV ads. Every year we look forward to fantastic creations from companies such as John Lewis, Sainsbury’s, Coca-Cola, ALDI, Amazon, etc. Don’t miss the funny Xmess from Plenty, a hilarious surprise.

On this page, we present you the most popular Christmas Adverts 2020, an article that will be updated by the end of the year.

Updated on December 25

Disney – The XMAS ad features Lola and her granddaughter, alongside Mickey Mouse.  

It is a Filipino themed Christmas advert that may make you cry.

Coca-Cola Christmas Commercial 2020 – An exhaustive journey to the home.

This year Coca-Cola marketing activities will not involve its annual truck tour, the message is “give something only you can give – yourself”.

Doc Morris heartbreaking Christmas Ad

A grandfather with an ambitious mission

ALDI – Will Kevin get home in time for Christmas?

Find out if Kevin The Carrot gets home in time for Christmas.

McDonald’s Christmas ad 2020 Reindeer Ready

An emotional advert

Plenty Christmas Advert 2020 Xmess
A mess, but a good mess…

Waitrose & John Lewis Give A Little Love

Christmas campaign like no other, for a year like no other

Argos – AbracaDaisy & The Incredible Lucy.

The soundtrack is the song ‘Incredible’ by Gary Barlow.

LEGO Christmas ad

Something awesome, a beautiful fantasy travel with robots and dragons.

Amazon The show must go on

How the young ballerina dancer’s spirit and tenacity triumphs through the challenges of 2020.

Walkers Crisps – A Sausage CaRoll.

Watch as LadBaby, and a few special guests spread the word about the power of sausage rolls

GREENIES Dog and the Snowman

A hilarious 20-sec stop-motion animation

Dior Christmas ad

The Atelier of Dreams II features the song Twinkle Twinkle Little Star by Fredrika Stahl.

DICK’S Sporting Goods Night at the Distribution Center

The advert features the song Little Queenie by Chuck Berry

There are some Christmas adverts worth mentioning besides the TOP 10

ALDI synchronized Santas

Santa enjoying a truly Aussie Christmas

Burberry Christmas Singing In The Rain

Reimagined iconic scene from the film Singin’ in the Rain.

TK Maxx: Xmas 2020

The Lil’ Goat with the voice-over of Bill Nighy and the soundtrack The Game Remix by Gabriel Garzon Montano.

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  1. This maybe a little late, buy I was totally impressed with Old Navy commercials.

    Their commercials are alway bright and cheerful and are totally relatable to the
    general public.
    They are always inclusive and this year even more so, with the inclusion of a
    Drag Queen.
    I believe Old Navy deserves recognition, especially in 2020 with all the political,
    Covid and financial suffering happening, for their upbeat commercials.
    I usually am not effected purchasing wise by commercials, but was this year
    happy to purchase and support Old Navy.
    Congrats Old Navy……good job.


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