The 10 popular Christmas Ads of 2019 (so far)

The year 2019 is almost over but in the world of TV advertising, there is one more big event, maybe the most important after the Super Bowl. The advertising agencies put a lot of effort to create stunning Holiday adverts. The ads launched in this timeframe evokes nostalgia and tend to be vintage. Christmas 2019 commercials are rich in ideas, full of colors, or just weird.

On this page, we present you the most popular Christmas ads this year, an article that will be updated by the end of the year.

1) John Lewis: 2019 Christmas Advert – Excitable Edgar

2) Sainsbury’s: Nicholas the Sweep – Christmas advert 2019

3) Argos: The Book of Dreams – Christmas advert 2019

4) Chick-fil-A: A Holiday Short Film

5)Tesco: Delivering Christmas – Christmas Advert 2019

6) ALDI SUISSE: 2019 Christmas Advert

7) Iceland Foods: Christmas Ad – Disney’s Frozen 2

8) ALDI: Kevin The Carrot – Christmas Launch Advert 2019

9) NZ Post Christmas ad 2019

10) Macy’s: Santa Girl – 2019 Holiday Commercial

Notable mentions: Christmas advert – Pass The Parcel

Samsung: 2019 Christmas ad – Galaxy Connect your Galaxy this Holiday

Asda: Let’s Make Christmas Extra Special

Walkers Crisps: Christmas advert featuring Mariah Carey

HP: Christmas Advert – Print The Holidays

Marks & Spencer: Christmas Advert – Go Jumpers

DICK’S Sporting Goods: The New Kid – Holiday 2019

Amazon: Holiday 2019 TV commercial – Amazon Christmas Advert

Stella Artois: Christmas Ad – Moments Worth Making

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