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Needs the Clydesdales, dogs, and more soul.

The Budweiser Super Bowl commercial 2023, “Six Degrees of Budweiser,” was created by FCB New York and directed by the duo Lalou Dammond and Joaquin Baca-Asay. The spot is Budweiser’s interpretation that everyone can be traced by just six degrees of separation. The commercial, narrated by Kevin Bacon, features six passionate, self-made Americans – from a renowned hip-hop artist and producer to a local food truck owner to a construction worker – and their journeys. Their determination and spirit connect each individual, and a six-pack of Budweiser is passed from person to person until one beer remains. Budweiser then breaks the fourth wall by offering the final beer to the viewer and inviting them into the shared experience. Hip-hop artist and producer Metro Boomin, who stars in the spot, created the custom track featured in the commercial, matching the vibe and direction of the creative set by Dammond and Baca-Asay.

While each inspirational story is unique, the spot culminates with the phrase: “The people who share the same spirit share the same beer. This Bud’s For You,” showing that no matter how different each person’s background, career or goals may be, they are all connected by the same shared values and drive.

“The thing about Super Bowl ads is that you have: 30s to get people to feel something – to laugh, cry, and be inspired. I loved bringing back the six degrees concept for this year’s Super Bowl because at its core, the concept has always been about connection. I was especially drawn to the ending when a Budweiser is handed to the camera, and I say, “This Bud’s For You.” I think this ad will stick with people,” said actor Kevin Bacon.

Budweiser Super Bowl commercial 2023
The Budweiser Super Bowl ad 2023, narrated by Kevin Bacon, features Metro Boomin, PineappleCITI, Robert Moran, Theophilos Okuribido, Damian Young, Laura Estra.

The individuals in the Budweiser Super Bowl commercial 2023 are depicted in their daily profession or natural environment that showcases their personal story and life experiences, including:

  • Metro Boomin started from humble beginnings in St Louis, MO and has grown to be one of the top producers and hip-hop artists, including three albums reaching #1 on the Billboard Hot 200 and collaborating with some of the world’s leading artists throughout his career. To date, he has received “Producer of the Year” at the BMI R&B/Hip-Hop Awards four consecutive years in a row and “Producer of the Year” at the BET Hip Hop Awards twice. He is shown in the spot working alongside PineappleCITI.
  • PineappleCITI is a singer and rapper and is shown in the commercial working on a new mix in the studio. After overcoming a tragic accident that left her unable to walk for two years, Pineapple blended different genres of music to create her own sound and overcome adversity. She has a new album coming out in 2023 and has written music for Rap Shit on HBO.
  • Robert Moran is a construction worker with the Steedle Brothers Company where he worked for his father until he unexpectedly passed away. In the spot, he is depicted hosting a BBQ, bringing together friends for a party. Robert’s goal is to keep his father’s craftsmanship alive while providing for his family, building homes for generations to come.
  • Theophilos Okuribido is a food truck owner and operator. In 2011, he opened his first food truck and after a failed venture, he bounced back with an inspiring story and a new small business called Fry Day where he continues sharing good food with his community.
  • Damian Young is the basketball player who hits the game winning shot in the spot and is a player for the Hometown Heroes in his day-to-day life. Raised by a hard-working, single mother in Denver, CO, his passion for the game and close relationship with his mother encouraged him to pursue his dream.
  • Laura Estra co-founded a community group during the pandemic focused on creating a collaborative environment where people can come together to eat, drink, play games and share stories to support and uplift one another. Within the spot, she is depicted as the BBQ host within the community.



Needs the Clydesdales, dogs, and more soul.

Heart or Humor6.0
Reader Rating: ( 24 votes ) 3.4

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Comment (37)

  1. Why did they shorten the ad? I know it’s selling beer but the public has come to appreciate Budweisers all stars – the Clydesdale horses. Does not look like much thought or money was put into the commercial this year 2023. What a shame.

  2. Very disappointing should have horses and dogs plus they have 4 new foals where are they. This is the worst commercial ever

  3. Very disappointed in this commercial. The horses should be the main focus as in the past. This is no award winner

  4. Bring back Clydesdales! I understand the message behind this ad but the past ones were funny, heartwarming and clever use of dogs and horses. Beer and social consciousness don’t mix. I am a very liberal person but this was not the time, place or venue. Fire the ad agency.

    The stories are admirable but they belong somewhere else.

  5. Tradition of Clydesdale’s is something bud needs to realize is a greatly anticipated part of the superbowl. This year’s commercial was dull, uninspiring, and fell way short of previous year’s commercials. Will NOT be a positive comment tomorrow at offices around the country.

  6. Budweiser worst commercial ever. So this year I buy something different. You lost this customer. The horse , other animal make the sale for you.

  7. Need the Clydesdale’s back…..thought the 4 new ones was gonna be on commercial…….the E-Trade commercial was GREAT….love those little ones.

  8. I might appreciate the commercial if I’d known any of the prominent people featured. The narrative explanation pulled it together for me. Without a shared knowledge the ad falls flat.

  9. I

    Who’s dumb idea was it to can the Clydesdale commercials?

    I used to enjoy drinking budweiser beer but after this disappointing commercial I’ve decided to change brands. Take that….

  10. Fire whomever you hired to make this commercial.
    We don’t watch your commercials for their sensitivity
    teachings, we tune in in order to see the Clydesdales, dogs & sheep to do something majestic, funny & original.
    Get back to your core, you fumbled the ball this year Budweiser!

  11. The Clydesdales are the eye catcher for the Budweiser beer commercial. not just the beer. Tradition. We have come to love the Clydesdales full showing. I know so many people who feel that way. Do a balance next year of longer horse showing, with some beer showing.

  12. I suffered through the halftime show for the Clydesdales, to say it was a disappointment would be selling it short. Bring back the heart felt 911 commercial, we need it.

  13. This commercial was very disappointing and the worst Budweiser commercial I’ve seen. Why ruin a good thing bring back the dogs and the Clydesdalea

  14. Disappointing. The beauty and majesty of the Clydesdales needs to be shared with the millions of people who watch Super Bowl. You’re breaking a very beloved tradition.☹️????

  15. Readers Ratings comments, on the money. Personally my rating would have two points lower for the same reasons. Know your customers.

  16. I was only watching the Super Bowl to see the Budweiser commercial and it was awful!! What are you thinking. Bring the Clydesdales and their friends back. They are the best part of the game!!

  17. What a disappointment. My family & I disappointed. Always look forward to the Clydesdales. Only reason to watch Super Bowl. Booooo.

  18. I agree with everyone. Such a MAJOR DISAPPOINTMENT not seeing the Clydesdales. Only reason I watch the game this year. Best commercial ever of all commercials was when they bowed toward NY. I agree that you have a great thing going. Not broke, don’t fix it it. Just bask in the success and quit trying to improve on perfection.

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