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The ad targets Gen-Z with confidence and style

The Martin Agency created the AXE ad 2023 named “G.O.A.T. Mall.” part of the Axe new campaign, “The Fine Fragrance G.O.A.T.”

The tagline is “The new AXE Fine Fragrance Collection. Smell finer than the finest fragrances with the G.O.A.T.

The spot features the rapper Dominique Armani Jone, known as Lil Baby. Last year, AXE named Lil Baby its ambassador, featuring the multiplatinum rapper star in an anime-inspired ad campaign and collaborating with him on limited-edition products.

The AXE ad features five innovative scents developed by world-renowned fragrance experts. This campaign is part of AXE’s continuous endeavor to redefine “premium” through the eyes of Generation Z, challenging conventional luxury symbols in the fragrance industry.

The commercial is set to the beats of Lil Baby’s hit song “Drip Too Hard,” solidifying AXE’s position as the Greatest of All Time (G.O.A.T.) in the fine fragrance arena. Directed by Mike Diva, the creative force behind several Saturday Night Live shorts and frequent collaborator with high-profile hip-hop artists, the advertisement showcases his distinctive style.

In this visually stunning spot, a four-armed, flying Lil Baby is accompanied by the newest AXE icon – the G.O.A.T. head – and AXE’s fresh Fine Fragrance scents. The commercial is infused with surreal, dreamlike animation that leaps off the screen, embodying the confidence boost AXE provides millions of men worldwide.

AXE ad 2023 Lil Baby
AXE ad 2023 – G.O.A.T. Mall 

Lil Baby about AXE 2023 campaign

Lil Baby praised the campaign, stating, “This is the freshest thing AXE has ever done. The Fine Fragrance Collection has me feeling like I’m wearing the finest of fine colognes. That’s why it’s the new GOAT.

Lil Baby stars in the AXE ad 2023
Lil Baby stars in the AXE ad 2023

In conclusion, AXE’s new commercial for their Fine Fragrance Collection is a visually striking and bold statement that effectively targets a younger generation. The collaboration with Lil Baby, combined with the expert direction of Mike Diva, results in a memorable and engaging advertisement that redefines luxury in the fragrance industry.

The Martin Agency
Danny Robinson, Chief Creative Officer
Ashley Marshall, Executive Creative Director
Mik Manulik, Creative Director
Gillian Merrill, Group Account Director
Pete Norquist, Account Director
Becki Smith, Account Supervisor
Taylor Wiegert, VP Group Planning Director
Stuart Hayhurst, Planning Director
Emily Delius, Art Director
Sophie Marsden, Art Director
Jacob Knight-Thomas, Copywriter
Dallin Slavens, Copywriter
Dylan Webb, Social Content Creator
Garrick Sheldon, Senior Copywriter
Rahim Masunu, Senior Art Director
Natalie Meyer, Senior Project Manager II
Drew Corrigan-Nunez, Senior Social Media Manager
Arrisa Robinson, Community Manager
Gloria Gutierrez-Anderson, Associate Director, Business Affairs II
Brett Alexander, SVP, Managing Director, Head of Production
Evan Frank, Senior Activations Producer III
Kim Zaninovich, Executive Digital Producer II
John McClaire, Senior UX Designer
Paul Martin, Senior Print Producer II
Jamie Dollins, Senior Print Producer
Katie Morgan, Associate Producer
Jacob Munson, Content Producer II
Judd Burnette, Design Director
Jumi Kim, Designer
Brittany Lazaroff, Senior Designer



This visually striking ad targets Gen-Z with confidence and style.

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