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Ahead of the UN 2023 Water Conference, Manchester City Football Club and Xylem have launched a new campaign, calling football fans globally to take action on wastewater pollution. Manchester City Football Club and Xylem have released a short film featuring Club Manager Pep Guardiola to support the Water Heroes’ Campaign. The Xylem ad highlights the reality of a world drowning in untreated wastewater and aims to create urgency amongst football fans to take action.

Guardiola said, “Manchester City’s partnership with Xylem is about maximizing the power of our collective voice to raise awareness on critical water issues. Our world is more polluted than ever, and untreated wastewater continues to impact the health of millions of people. We’re asking fans to come together and demand action before it’s too late. The time has come to take the waste out of water.

Xylem Pep Guardiola advert
Pep Guardiola stars in Xylem ad

Untreated wastewater continues to pollute waterways worldwide, with UNESCO estimating that as much as 80 percent of wastewater is released back into the environment untreated. This poses a significant risk to human health and the environment and must be addressed urgently.

Water Heroes Website features the Xylem ad.

Football fans can join the campaign by visiting the ‘Water Heroes’ website. They can access educational resources and add their names to a statement emphasizing the need for governing bodies to honor their commitments to treating wastewater. The Xylem campaign offers opportunities for fans to win match tickets and other prizes by signing up as water advocates.

Creating a Global Movement of One Billion Water Citizens

Xylem and Manchester City Football Club are committed to creating a global movement of one billion water citizens committed to solving the world’s water issues. This initiative supports their goal to raise awareness and take action on global water issues.

Collaboration with Global Citizen

To further amplify awareness, Xylem, and Manchester City Football Club are collaborating with Global Citizen, a movement that empowers millions worldwide to take action on critical issues. The collaboration features players from Manchester City’s Women’s Team alongside young water leaders worldwide, highlighting untreated wastewater’s impact on communities everywhere.

Xylem water advert
The Xylem message is powerfull



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