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A bold and nostalgic ad campaign,

Tiger Beer unveiled its new ad campaign, “The Brewery, Uncaged.” The Tiger Beer ad aims to captivate a new generation of consumers, emphasizing 80s nostalgia and a modern twist on the brewing process. Produced by Le Pub APAC, the ad is a mix of pros and cons that should be considered for its overall impact on the brand.

Tiger Beer ad
Tiger Beer ad


  • The ad effectively taps into the 80s nostalgia trend, resonating with Gen Z audiences. Fusing retro elements with modern styling and music gives the campaign a distinctive and memorable feel.
  • The ad follows the journey of a stylish and swagger-filled “Tiger Brewer” through a hyper-stylized brewing process. This unique approach keeps the viewer engaged and entertained, distinguishing Tiger Beer from its competitors.
  • The modernized version of the classic “Eye of the Tiger” track, featuring a rap by globally renowned DJ, rapper, and producer Mega Ran, adds a fresh and contemporary layer to the ad. This reinvented soundtrack helps to appeal further to younger generations and solidifies the brand’s bold image.


  • While the ad’s hyper-stylized visuals and eclectic nature can be engaging, they may also appear exaggerated or confusing for some viewers.
  • The ad’s final message might get lost amidst the ad’s fast-paced, visually intense scenes. Ensuring the core message remains clear should be a priority for future campaigns.

Our conclusion for Tiger Beer ad

Tiger Beer’s “The Brewery, Uncaged” ad campaign is an ambitious and visually captivating attempt to connect with a new generation of beer consumers. While it succeeds in some aspects, such as its retro-modern appeal and unconventional storytelling, it falters in others, like its potential to obscure the brand’s core message. Balancing style with substance will be crucial for Tiger Beer as it continues developing its marketing strategies.

Tiger Beer ad CREDITS

• Sean O’Donnell – Global Brand Director, Tiger
• Melissa Teoh – Global Marketing Manager, Communications & Digital, Tiger
• Willem van den Wijngaart – Global Marketing Manager, Strategy, Market & Channel,
• Faye Wee – Global Marketing Manager, Innovation, Design, Experiential & Partnerships,

• Bruno Bertelli – CEO Le Pub Amsterdam, Global CCO Publicis Worldwide & Global CCO Publicis Groupe Italy
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• Shalom Wong – Senior Project Manager, Le Pub APAC

Production; Key Visuals
• Photographer – Jean Yves Lemoigne ( Katapolt )
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Production; Film
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• Wardrobe Stylist – Mae Petcharat

Post Production; Film
• Offline Editor – Reggie Jocom
• Colourist – Arthur Paux
• Post Production – SEED VFX
• VFX Supervisor – Romain Bourzeix, Fabienne Velleine & Mathis Deschamps
• Online Flame Designer – Pawan Sanjaya
• Audio Post – BMM Network
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• Original Composition Composer – Survivor, Victor Verpillat, Yann Bargain
• Sound Designer Engineer – Samuel Jurkovic
• Music Rapper – Mega Ran

Post Production; Social
• Post Production – Kraftw5rkz Pte Ltd
• Post Producer – Bernard Tay
• Editor – Neo Rui Xin

Bold and nostalgic


Good music!

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