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Corona advert – Unfilter Mexico

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Corona’s advert campaign, “Unfilter Mexico,” premiered during the 2023 Academy Awards, aiming to break the stereotype of portraying Mexico through the yellow filter in films. Created by GUT Mexico City, the campaign features Mexican cinematographer Emmanuel ‘Chivo’ Lubezki and showcases Mexico’s true essence and diverse colors.


  • Socially Relevant Message: The ad addresses a significant issue by challenging the use of the yellow filter to denote heat, risk, and danger, which has long perpetuated negative stereotypes of Mexico. The campaign’s timely and socially relevant message will likely resonate with viewers.
  • Collaboration with an Oscar-nominated eight times for Best Cinematography Cinematographer: By partnering with Emmanuel Lubezki, a highly respected and accomplished cinematographer, Corona lends credibility to the campaign’s message and ensures that the ad’s visuals are of the highest quality.
  • Strong Visual Impact: The ad effectively demonstrates the difference in tonality when the yellow filter is used and when it is not, showcasing Mexico’s vibrant colors and authentic beauty. This strong visual impact makes a compelling case for avoiding the yellow filter.


  • Overshadowing the Brand: The ad’s primary focus on the yellow filter issue might overshadow Corona’s brand and the connection between the brand and the campaign’s message. Some viewers may not remember that the ad is for Corona, diluting its potential impact on the brand’s image.
  • Potential for Misinterpretation: Some viewers may interpret the campaign’s message as an attempt to capitalize on a social issue for marketing purposes, which could lead to skepticism.

Corona 2023 ad – Unfilter Mexico conclusion

The Corona advert “Unfilter Mexico” is a visually striking and socially relevant campaign that challenges stereotypes and seeks to portray Mexico authentically. This ad is very different from previous funny Corona ads.

Corona - Unfilter Mexico advert
Corona ad 2023 “Unfilter Mexico.”

Corona 2023 ad Credits
Client: ABI – Grupo Modelo
Marketing VP: Fabio Baracho
Corona Director: Yune Aranguren
Corona Comms & Strategy Director: Mariana Cuellar
Corona Team: Lucas Rey, Alfonso Borel, Adolfo López
Connections Director: Alejandro Gershberg
Media Director: Sinuhe García
Media Lead: Rogelio Cruz

Agency: GUT Mexico City
Client: ABI – Grupo Modelo
CCO & Partner: Nacho Ferioli
Managing Director & Partner: Camila de Almeida Prado
ECD: Ramiro Rodriguez Cohen
ECD: Ariel Abramovici
ECD: Bruno Acanfora
Creative Director / Art Director: Jose Mario Muñoz
Creative Director / Copywriter: Rodrigo Del Oso
Senior Art Director: Aurelie Diaz
Copywriter: Lauren Torres
Production Director: Paula Sanchez
Account Supervisor: Simón Arce
CSO: Samantha Hernández
Strategy Director: Jessica Méndez
Content manager: Ross Aguiñaga
Production House: PRIMO Content Mx
Director: Santi Dulce
Executive Producer: Odille Mondragón
Head of Production: Omar Uscanga
Managing Director: Jaime Vidal
DP: Juan Pablo Ramírez
Postproduction coordinator: Nancy Bravo and Daniela Balcazar
Editor: Daniel Balleza
Animator: Yabin Morales

Color Correction: Company 3, C.A. | Mex: Esteban Robles
Music: Edy Lan
Sound Design: Javier Umpierrez

Collaborating Agencies
Founder & CEO: Kaiser Carrillo
Media agency: Zenith Media



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