Quicken Loans: What Were We Thinking – Super Bowl 2016 Commercial

Online mortgage lender Quicken Loan’s Super Bowl commercial was developed by advertising agency Fallon. The 60-second spot “What Were We Thinking” is part of “Push Button, Get Mortgage” campaign and will run during the first half of Super Bowl 50.
“What Were We Thinking” is the first Super Bowl advert from Quicken Loans. The ad promotes Rocket Mortgage. Also, Quicken Loans run sweepstakes giving away a variety of giveaways and a $100,000 cash prize:

With the push of a button, we’re giving you the opportunity to earn entries for drawings to win hundreds of great American-made products for every room in your house. All earned entries will be entered into the grand prize drawing for $100,000 to put toward your mortgage or the purchase of a new home!

The music of the Quicken Loan’s Super Bowl commercial is Atlas by Battles.

Official campaign hashtag is #RocketMortgage, and the tagline is “Push Button, Get Mortgage”.

Push Button, Get Mortgage


The campaign is well done: a good ad with good music, a nice sweepstakes website, and a clear call to action.

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