Xerox: Brother Dominic

Xerox unveiled an updated version of Brother Dominic iconic commercial (“Xerox Monks” has a place into the Clio Hall of Fame). Created by advertising agency Y&R, New York, the advert describes Xerox’s focused direction to innovate the way organizations of all sizes communicate, connect and work. Roll-out of the Brother Dominic advertisement includes 30- and 60-second TV commercials and digital spots beginning in the U.S. The spots were directed by director James Rouse, and were inspired by the work of Allen Kay, creative director at Needham, Harper & Steers who created the original Brother Dominic commercial.

Much has changed since Xerox’s “Brother Dominic” debuted 40 years ago in one of the most famous Super Bowl advertisements of all time. But the world’s need to share information has endured. Back then, Brother Dominic turned to the Xerox copier to simply duplicate his manuscripts. But today, he translates, personalizes and securely shares his creation both physically and digitally across all devices, all over the globe.

The ad is the first manifestation of a new communications platform that will be anchored by the tagline Set the Page Free,” said Toni Clayton-Hine, chief marketing officer for Xerox. “It offers a nod to Xerox’s heritage, reflects our present and embraces our future by showing how Xerox has evolved to help companies connect both the physical and digital world through personalization, apps, automation, and security.

The advert tagline is “Set the page free.”

Agency: Y&R, New York
Production Company: The Corner Shop
Director: James Rouse
Music Producer: Deb Oh
Music Company: Woodwork Music
Music Producer: Andy Oskwarek
Composer: Joseph Reuben

Set the page free


A brilliant update for a brilliant iconic commercial.

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