University of Phoenix: To My Great-Granddaughter

The advertising agency 180LA, Santa Monica creates this emotional TV commercial for University of Phoenix. Named “To My Great-Granddaughter,” the advert was directed by Peter Thwaites, produced by The Corner Shop, and the Vfx by The Mill.

The background music is a song produced specifically for the commercial by composer Jeremy Yang (We Are Walker).

Advertising Agency: 180LA, Santa Monica
Chief Creative Officer: William Gelner
Creative Director: Wilson Mateos
Production Company: The Corner Shop
Director: Peter Thwaites
Head Of Production: Anna Hashmi, Jennifer Locke
Producer: Jay Shapiro, Liza Kerlin, Marcus Speaker
Editorial: Exile
Editor: Conor O’Neill
Vfx: The Mill
Recording Studio: Lime Studios
Music Production: We Are Walker
Music: Original Music by composer Jeremy Yang

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