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Switzerland Tourism, the official National Tourist Office of Switzerland, unveiled a new advert featuring Switzerland Tourism’s new ambassador Roger Federer. Named “No Drama,” the advert was created by the advertising agency Wirz BBDO, Switzerland.

Roger Federer joined by legendary actor and Oscar winner Robert De Niro. In the short film, De Niro turns down an invitation by Roger Federer to be part of a movie about Switzerland. De Niro thinks, the destination is pure, impressive, and utterly beautiful – but there is no drama in Switzerland, something De Niro focuses his acting upon. The film can be seen online worldwide.

Switzerland Robert De Niro Roger Federer

In the film, viewers can witness a conversation between the tennis player and the Oscar-winning actor. Federer is trying hard to convince De Niro to be part of his project. But, spoiler alert, De Niro turns down Federer, at least for this fictional project of a Switzerland film. In reality, though, De Niro was very willing to respond to Federer’s call for help. Roger Federer: “I’ve admired Robert De Niro’s work for quite some time now, but I wasn’t sure he’d agree to be part of our Swiss project. I’m very excited it worked out so well.” The film shot last fall in Zermatt, Switzerland, and New York, USA, can be viewed online worldwide. “Adding this touch of Hollywood to our campaign will bring more attention to Switzerland and its dramatically beautiful nature” states Martin Nydegger, CEO of Switzerland Tourism.

Earlier this year Roger Federer has announced his new role as ambassador for Switzerland Tourism. “I was really excited to have a worldwide campaign where I can invite people to Switzerland to highlight its beauty because I am so very proud to be from such a beautiful country” describes Roger Federer his motivation. To do so, Federer reached out for support from Hollywood: A plan to showcase the beauty of the travel destination Switzerland in a movie featuring Roger Federer and Robert De Niro is the plot of Switzerland Tourism’s latest film.

No drama in Switzerland



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