Squarespace: Who Is JohnMalkovich.com? – Super Bowl 51 Commercial

Squarespace revealed the creative direction of its fourth-ever Super Bowl campaign featuring John Malkovich. The campaign was produced in conjunction with Smuggler and Flower Ave., directed by Miles Jay, with photography by Zach Gold. The spot was created by advertising agency JOHN X HANNES, New York.

For the Super Bowl 51, Squarespace will be airing a 30-second in-game spot and a 60-second pre-game spot which encourage viewers everywhere to get their domain before it’s gone.

UPDATE: Who Is JohnMalkovich.com? – Super Bowl 51 Commercial (Director’s Cut)

The message is powerful and efficient: No one knows an identity crisis better than John Malkovich. So who better to communicate that universal moment of panic when you realize that your own name as a domain is gone?

Squarespace was founded to help people carve out their own piece of the web and build something that truly represents who they are,” said Squarespace Founder and CEO Anthony Casalena. “We’ve always wanted Squarespace to be a single stop destination for everything you need to establish your own home online, and for many people, that starts with their domain name. By putting everything in one place, we can greatly simplify the experience of getting set up on the web. I hope John’s story encourages even more people to make their next move with Squarespace.

While John Malkovich (an American actor, director, and producer) may be best known for his film work, he studied costume design and began his career in theater.

As I continue to establish my reputation as a designer, it’s incredibly important for me to have a professional online store that’s in my own name,” said John Malkovich. “I’m so pleased that an all-in-one solution like Squarespace exists so I can focus on building my fashion collection and leave the technical stuff to the experts.”

Squarespace worked with award-winning creative collective JohnXHannes New York to develop and produce the Super Bowl spots.

How the f**k can you be John Malkovich?!!


The spot is funny and efficient.

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