Mr. Clean - New Super Bowl Ad - Cleaner of Your Dreams

Mr. Clean: Cleaner of Your Dreams – Super Bowl 51 Commercial

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The advertising agency Leo Burnett from Toronto creates this first Mr. Clean’s Super Bowl advert. The film is bold and targets the women secret desires. The 30-second spot will be aired during the third quarter of the 2017 Super Bowl LI on Feb. 5.

Mr. Clean, the heartthrob of housework, knows that few things are sexier than a man who cleans.

The story created by Leo Burnett is at least interesting. For years, women have done the majority of the cleaning at home. Even though today, more and more men are sharing in the responsibility, the thought of “there’s nothing sexier than a man who cleans” (this is also the slogan of the Mr Clean campaign) still resonates for a lot of women. In fact, studies show that couples who share chores equally are more likely to have a happier relationship (Bianchi, S. M., Sayer, L. C., Milkie, M. A., & Robinson, J. P. – 2012).

“Cleaner of Your Dreams,” features the iconic household cleaner, Mr. Clean, like you’ve never seen him before. His white t-shirt is a little tighter, his muscles are musclier and his bald head is somehow even sexier. Mr. Clean proves he’s got what it takes to satisfy your needs in every room of the house.

Mr. Clean – both the man and his products – has always stood for toughness and versatility,” said Martin Hettich, Vice President of P&G Home Care North America. “In his first-ever Super Bowl spot, Mr. Clean is showing off his strong and sexy side, and hopefully even inspiring men across America to pick up a mop and bucket themselves.

NFL star DeMarcus Ware, outside linebacker for the Denver Broncos, will be getting in on the action by joining Mr. Clean as his M.C.P. (Most Clean Player) to show men that few things are sexier than a man who cleans.

The official hashtag of the campaign is #MrClean.

Mr. Clean gets sexy


I like the slogan "there’s nothing sexier than a man who cleans." It is well targeted to men and women.

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