UnitedHealthcare: ‘Lunch With Chuck’ extended version

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UnitedHealthcare TV Commercial, ‘Lunch With Chuck’ is part of the “Ways In” campaign that highlights how UHC helps patients navigate the complexity of the medical system. The UnitedHealthcare’s campaign was created by the advertising agency Leo Burnett, USA.
30-sec version of “Lunch Vs. Chuck Norris” advert will air nationally during prime time on cable and broadcast channels. This 60-sec extended version is available in online and social video.

“Lunch vs. Chuck Norris,” TV commercial features the iconic action star himself and a character said about Chuck: “I heard cats say they have Chuck-like reflexes. You think he’s still got it?”

Leo Burnett’s “Ways In” campaign for UnitedHealthcare has been a game-changer for the healthcare advertising category said Jeanie Caggaino, EVP, ECD and business lead for United Healthcare at Leo Burnett USA. “Just two years ago, health insurance advertising was all the same: vignettes of happy, demographically assorted people,” writes Caggiano.

Classic jokes come to life


The ad is funny and the message is well delivered to the target audience.

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