Snickers: Snickers Gate

For the last 10 years, Snicker’s tagline campaign has been «you are not yourself when you are hungry ». In collaboration with CLM BBDO, the brand goes to the extreme deliberately put Bounty bar inside Snickers packagings. Immediately the story spread around on twitter with the hashtag #Snickersgate. Snickers lets the story go around for 24h before revealing the hoax in an ad signed « We’re not us when we’re hungry ».


Advertising Agency: CLM BBDO, Paris, France
Creative Directors: Benjamin Dessagne, Stéphane Santana
Vice President: Julien Lemoine
Art Director: Théophile Robaglia
Copywriter: Joseph Rozier
Sales Director: Judith Romero
Customer Director: Meigge Sauvaget
Advertising Manager: Lisa Perrot
Head of Social Media: Fabio Iazzetta
Social Media Consultant: Youcef Boualem
Head of TV Production: Isabelle Darroman
Producer: Pierre Boudin
Video Editor: Philippe Bienaimé
Post-Producer: Laurianne Freguin
Communication & Influence Manager: Marion Weill-Collange
Communication & Influence Consultant: Fanny Sachot
Production: Big Productions
Director / Chief Operator: Christophe Deroo
Production Directors: Nazha Dhamani, Marc Fuentes
Producer: Nizar El Tayeb
Sound: Schmooze
Calibration: Back-Up

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