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VaynerMedia, the advertising agency behind the campaign, recently rolled out a new Pepsi commercial starring Cardi B. The commercial’s tagline emphasizes, “This holiday season, Pepsi is helping you give the gift on everyone’s list: Cash.”

The Concept

The commercial aims to tap into the holiday spirit, positioning Pepsi as the enabler of the ultimate gift—cash. This is a clever move, especially during a season when people are often stressed about finding the perfect gift. By offering cash as the solution, Pepsi aligns itself with a universally appreciated gift option.

The Star Power

Cardi B, a Grammy-winning rapper known for her flamboyant personality and massive social media following, is the face of the campaign. Her involvement adds a layer of excitement and relevance, making the commercial more engaging for a younger demographic.

The Tagline

The tagline, “This holiday season, Pepsi is helping you give the gift on everyone’s list: Cash,” is both catchy and straightforward. It directly addresses a common holiday dilemma, making the brand appear both relatable and solution-oriented.

The Agency

VaynerMedia, the agency behind the campaign, has a reputation for creating viral content and leveraging social media to its fullest. Their expertise in modern advertising techniques makes them a fitting choice for a campaign aiming to capture the attention of a digitally savvy audience.

The Potential Impact

Given Cardi B’s star power and the universal appeal of cash as a gift, this commercial has the potential to go viral. It could also drive sales for Pepsi during a crucial sales period—the holiday season.

Questions to Consider

  1. Will the commercial resonate with the target audience, or will it be seen as a gimmick?
  2. How effective will Cardi B be in attracting a younger demographic to the brand?
  3. Will the campaign have any long-term impact on Pepsi’s brand image, or is it just a seasonal boost?

By combining a relatable message with a high-profile celebrity and a seasoned advertising agency, Pepsi seems to be aiming for a holiday home run. Only time will tell if this campaign will be a hit or miss.



Cardi B is the bad-ass Santa.

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