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Samsung’s ‘Epic Worlds’ campaign for the Galaxy S23 Ultra, starring Emma Myers and directed by Zee Ntuli, has been making waves. While the ad claims to be shot entirely on the Galaxy S23 Ultra, additional information reveals that the film used the Motion Cam app for true raw video capture. Does this change the game? Let’s revisit our analysis.


  • Cinematic Quality Enhanced by Motion Cam: The ad’s high production value is not just the phone’s doing; the Motion Cam app allows for true raw video capture, elevating the cinematic quality.
  • Star Power Remains a Plus: Emma Myers’ involvement still adds credibility and allure, potentially attracting her fan base to the product.
  • Technical Showcase with a Twist: The use of Motion Cam adds another layer to the phone’s camera capabilities, showcasing its versatility in supporting third-party apps for advanced filming.


  • Not Entirely In-House: The use of Motion Cam could be seen as a caveat; it’s not purely the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s built-in capabilities that are showcased.
  • Length Still an Issue: The ad’s nearly 2-minute duration could still risk losing viewer attention.
  • Complexity for Average Users: Using a specialized app like Motion Cam might complicate the filming process for average users unfamiliar with raw video capture.


The ‘Epic Worlds’ campaign remains a visually stunning piece of advertising, but the revelation about Motion Cam adds a layer of complexity. While it showcases the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s versatility, it also raises questions about the phone’s standalone capabilities. This ad is a double-edged sword—impressive but with caveats that potential buyers should consider.



Good campaign.

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