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LEGO Christmas advert ft. Katy Perry

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LEGO has launched its biggest and most playful Holiday campaign, and Katy Perry jumped aboard to help supercharge the Holiday season with play. The LEGO Christmas advert was developed by the creative team from the LEGO Agency.

The film was created by a multi-award-winning team, including direction and production by Traktor and post-production by The Mill. It is the first time a celebrity has been featured in one of the LEGO Group’s Holiday campaigns. It will be supplemented by further content featuring Katy Perry, including videos of children interviewing her and a look at her building a gift as part of the #BuildToGive initiative.

As well as featuring Katy, the advert is backed by her chart-topping hit Firework, a song about self-empowerment, confidence, and being your true self. It shows the group of children running outside to be greeted by Katy in an outfit inspired by LEGO bricks and riding on a larger-than-life LEGO vehicle they’ve just created together – with every character, animal, and gadget in the colorful adventure built using the LEGO System in Play.

When asked about her involvement in the campaign, Katy said: “As a LEGO fan who has built a lot of models with kids in the last few years, it was super heart-warming to see what happens when kids are in put in charge of holiday gift-giving. Play comes in so many forms with no set of rules, and to see them apply that makes me hopeful for a really bright future for the generation.”

Katy Perry
Katy Perry stars in the LEGO Holiday campaign

Campaign Credits

The LEGO Agency
• SVP LEGO Agency: Nicole Taylor
• Global Creative Lead: Lucas Reynoso Vizcaino
• Global Creative Team: Julie Koch, Gonzalo Torres Arce, Martin Rathschau BNielsen
• Global Brand and Markets Partner: Julie Regis
• Sr. Global Communication Partner: Simran Khaira
• Global Brand Strategist: Sonal Jhuj
• Global Communication Strategist: Richard Yardley
• Social Strategist: Natalie Williams
• Global Project Manager: Malene Kallestrup, Roman Melo, Preben Gregers Jespersen
• Head of Production: Charlie Cooper Henniker
• Senior Lead Producer: Uffe Bryld
• Producer: Elaine Lee
• Senior Film production Manager: Mette Soegaard Lorenzen
• Post Production Manager: Lene Williams
• Sr. Content Planner: Kenneth Sanchez
• Brand Global Marketing Development Team: Alero Dawn Akuya, Lisa Nash, Charlotte Lor

External Partners
• Director: Traktor
• Producer: Traktor
• Production Company: Stink Paris
• EP Stink: Helene Segol

• Service Production Company: ICON Films Sofia
• EP Icon: Emil Rangelov
• Producer: Millen Nickolov
• Producer: Gergana Kuzmova
• Production Manager: Galabena Botova

• DoP: Sophie Winqvist
• Production Designer: Markéta Korinkova
• Art Director: Eva Vento
• Costume Designer: Djanina Baykoucheva & Dora Somova
• Costume Design Katy Perry: Heather Picchiottino
• 1st AD: Ben Gill
• Magic Unit Director: Rozaliya Dimitrova
• Magic Unit Director/DoP: Saam Gabbay
• Casting: Kate & Lou & Roo, London

• Editorial Company: Final Cut
• Editor: Amanda James & Leah Burton
• Editors Asst: Josh Chadwick
• Edit Producer: Nikki Porter

• Sound Design: Machine Sound
• Sound Designers: Patch Rowland, Alex Bingham and Chas Langston
• Music Composer Passion Films: Brice Cagan & Alex Bingham
• Sound & Music Producer: Ghazal Zargar Elahi, Rebecca Boswell, Amber Clayton
• Music Hero Film: Katy Perry/Universal Music

• Grading: Company 3
• Colorist: Jean-Clement Soret & Matthieu Toullet
• Color Producer: Ellora Soret & Kerri Aungle

• Post Production: The Mill
• EP: Chris Allen
• VFX Producer: Solomon Tiigah
• VFX SUPERVISOR: Lora Nikolaeva
• CG SUPERVISOR: Ted Harrison
• 2D: Vanessa Duquesnay. Loredana Gangemi, Davide Metti
• 3D Team: Jack Enever. Arnau Gilabert, Platon Filimonov, Jean Grandgirard

• Animation Lead: Mack Knights
• Animation: Marion Strunck
• Rigging: Maximilian Mallmann
• On set Supervisors: Filip Popov & Rodrigo Jimenez-Baena




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