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LEGO’s Holidays advert, “Rebuild the world!”, was developed by Lego’s in-house agency.

LEGO sets take kids to a creative world where no rules apply. A fire-fighting dragon; a car on a carousel; clothes on a cactus; giant bees chasing Star Wars Stormtroopers… Anything is possible in the vast and diverse LEGO universe. And, because kids can continuously build, rebuild, reconfigure and combine, the developmental play never stops!

The background music of the LEGO advert is The Foundations’ pop classic, Build Me Up Buttercup (a song also used by a GEICO series advert).

LEGO advert

Vice President LEGO Agency: Rasmus Juel Mygind
Head of Creation: Peter Johnson
Global Creative Lead: Lucas Reynoso Vizcaino
Global Creative Team: Leah Mababangloob, Gonzalo Torres, Carlos Ramas, Martin Rathschau, and Lucas Reynoso Vizcaino.
Sr. Global Communication Partner: Melanie Cumbo
Global Brand Strategist: Kevin Mercer
Global Communication Strategist: Ben Campbell
Global Project Manager: Malene Kallestrup
Head of Production: Charlie Cooper Henniker
Senior Lead Producer: Michael Toft Adelholm and Uffe Bryld
Senior Film production Manager: Mette Søgaard Lorenzen
Post Production Manager: Lene Williams
Sr. Content Planner: Kenneth Sanchez
Brand Global Marketing Development Team: Alero Akuya, Charlotte Lor, Lauren Charman and Victoria McElhinney
External Partners
Directors: TRAKTOR
Production Company: Stink Paris
Executive Producer: Vincent Rivier and Helene Segol
Traktor Producer: Richard Ulfvengren
Service Company: 247xRadioaktive -Monika Urbańska, Maria Mazurczak and Anita Kozłowska
Cinematographer: Matyas Erdely
Production Designer: Agustin Moreaux
Art Director: Paweł Dąbrowski
Costume Designer: Pati Fitzet
Post Production: MPC – Anandi Peiris, Solomon Tiigah, Fabian Frank, Kamen Markov and Jean-Clement Soret
Edit: Final Cut – Ryan Beck
Music: Finger Music – Clare McGrath and Craig Brown
Sound Design: Machine – Matej Oreskovic, Ghazal Zargar Elahi, Alex Bingham and Ben Gulvin

Build Me Up


Rebuild the world

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