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TurboTax announced its new 2023 brand campaign, “Come to TurboTax.” The TurboTax adverts from the integrated campaign remind people that they can come to TurboTax and not do their taxes. Instead, they can meet with a dedicated TurboTax Expert while they do their taxes to get back to Not Taxes.

The 2023 brand campaign has seven films and will culminate with a spot in the NFL Super Bowl LVII, the brand’s tenth year in The Big Game. The TurboTax campaign was created in partnership with Wieden+Kennedy.

The new campaign spotlights that with TurboTax, customers can have their taxes done by an Expert who will file for them.

Come to TurboTax adverts video
TurboTax adverts: Not Taxes (Anthem) advert

TurboTax adverts:

Not Taxes (Anthem): This commercial for expert tax help celebrates what people are best at: Not Taxes. We see people of all ages and backgrounds enjoying, feeling, tasting, and smelling all Not Taxes has to offer because they’ve chosen to have a TurboTax Live Expert do their taxes for them. Simply upload your documents, meet with an expert while they do your taxes, and get back to Not Taxes.
Sleep: We see a tired new parent enjoying every new parent’s favorite activity: an afternoon nap. With his baby asleep on his chest, he dozes on the couch, deep in a Not Taxes dream because he met with his TurboTax Live Expert and got his taxes done in one session. No waiting, no wondering, just sleep.
Explorer: A couple enjoys the thrill of the great outdoors from the comfort of the great indoors. Having met with a TurboTax Live Expert while their taxes were done, the two spend the night snuggled in blankets and watching TV, doing Not Taxes.
Water: The spot takes us inside a small plant store where our plant-loving shop owner gets back to what he loves: Not Taxes. He enjoys a quiet moment lovingly caring for each of his plants, knowing that he has already met with his TurboTax Live Expert and his taxes are done right.
RC Car (Spanish/English): A dad shares playtime with his kids setting up the ultimate RC car jump. Having already met with a TurboTax Live Expert while his taxes were done, the three are able to spend time together building and creating memories of Not Taxes.
Fusion Food (Spanish): In this commercial, we see a chef experimenting with Latin flavors in the kitchen of her small restaurant. With the relief of having already met with a TurboTax Live Expert while her taxes were done, she enjoys adding notes and finishes the perfect recipe with the freshest ingredients doing what she loves: Not Taxes.



Nice campaign.

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