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TurboTax Super Bowl commercial 2022

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The brand’s 45-second spot “Matchmaker” celebrates tax filers’ unique situations and the TurboTax Live expert equipped to handle it. The ad features a freelancer, a millennial crypto trader, and Jason Sudeikis as…Jason Sudeikis.

“It’s the best time of year for football fans, but it’s also the best time of year for accountants: tax season,” said the actor, comedian, producer and writer, Jason Sudeikis. “As a huge football fan, I’m thrilled to be a small part of Super Bowl LVI and to partner with TurboTax.”

“This season, fans can hand off their taxes to a TurboTax Live expert matched to their unique situation,” said Cathleen Ryan, SVP of Marketing for Intuit TurboTax. “With a team of thousands of tax experts, TurboTax has the right expert for everyone’s unique, fun and crazy life. So find your match, hand off your taxes, and enjoy the game.”

TurboTax Super Bowl commercial 2022

Video Transcript ~ TurboTax Live 2022 Super Bowl Commercial “Matchmaker” (Official TV Ad :45): TurboTax Live matches you with a tax expert who is right for you. So, you’re a perfect match for a freelancer who just bought a home that’s also her office? That’s right. What if I actually have no idea how to freelance, but…I invest in crypto in my hometown of Gravity, Iowa? Then I’d say, “you’re down to earth” and help you report your gains and losses. What if…I work in London, live in New York, and shot a Super Bowl commercial in Los Angeles? Hmm? Then I’d say congrats. I can sort that all out for you. Thank you kindly. Well, what if I ah…What if I really am a freelancer who just bought a home? Then you can still hand your taxes off to me, to get your maximum refund. Wow. You really are my perfect match.




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  1. Who was the actress in the Turbo tax ‘Match maker’ commercial. The one in the blue uniform??

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