Bud Light: Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen – Super Bowl 2016 Commercial

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update: You can watch here the new Bud Light Super Bowl ad 2023

Named “Bud Light Party“, the new Bud Light 60-second commercial was developed by Wieden + Kennedy. The ad features Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen as leading characters and Paul Rudd and Michael Pena as guest stars. With the tagline “Raise One to Right Now”, the ad’s theme is political elections.

Right now there is nothing more timely or talked about than the presidential election. At a time when debates get heated and “unfriending” is at an all-time high, The Bud Light Party offers something everyone can agree on. A party that invites everyone. A party that knows how to party. A party that isn’t a political party at all.

This is more than just a Super Bowl ad,” said Bud Light vice president Alexander Lambrecht, “it’s a completely new communication of what Bud Light stands for – inclusivity, positivity and fun. The Bud Light Party allows our brand to live in the right now.

Bud Light occupies such a unique place in American culture. We embraced the opportunity to work together on connecting the brand to beer drinkers in a way that’s definitely uncharted, but still very true to the brand,” said Wieden+Kennedy New York executive creative director Karl Lieberman. “With ‘Raise One to Right Now,’ Bud Light opens up real conversations with beer drinkers about the things that matter to them most.

The Bud Light Party


A funny ad with a good cast.

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