No need for extreme measures just Switch to Sprint! (extended cut)

Sprint: Car – Super Bowl

Created by New York-based advertising agency, Droga5, Sprint’s new Super Bowl commercial humorously addresses the great lengths one might go to avoid a pricey Verizon phone bill. Titled “Car,” the Big Game Sprint commercial will air during the second quarter of the Super Bowl LI broadcast.

“Car” marks the first commercial work since Sprint and Droga5 announced their partnership in November 2016.

“Car” illustrates that Verizon’s expensive bills are enough to drive anyone over the edge. With this commercial, we find a guy who is so fed up with paying too much for his wireless bill, he decides to fake his own death to try to get out of his Verizon contract by placing a mannequin behind the wheel of his car and pushing it off a cliff. It seemed like a genius idea until Sprint customer Paul shows up to offer a simpler alternative: Switching to Sprint – a network that is within 1% reliability of Verizon and he can save 50% on his current Verizon rate.

Sprint super bowl LI

Following the initial run during the Super Bowl, an alternate version of “Car” will air on TV. The brand also has a longer version posting online.

“Sprint understands frustrated Verizon customers and so many consumers face paying too much for their wireless bill and Sprint is here to help,” said Roger Solé, Sprint chief marketing officer. “There is no need for extreme measures…consumers can just switch to Sprint and get 50 percent off most current AT&T and Verizon rate plan prices all on Sprint’s award-winning reliable network.”

2017 sprint super bowl

“We’re excited to share our first work for Sprint in the Super Bowl,” said Matt Ian, executive creative director, Droga5. “It’s a humorous, Big-Gamey twist on the campaign Sprint is currently running. We wanted to capture the helplessness of being trapped in a cycle of insane fees, and let Verizon customers know Sprint is the right option.”

sprint super bowl

How to fake your own death


Not the best idea to show a guy that fakes his own death.

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