Soar Foundation: It’s Just A Phase…

Rothco Dublin and Motherlands create this touching commercial for Soar Foundation. The marketing story is “Everyone knows how tough it can be to be a teenager sometimes. Soar help young people confront their personal challenges so nothing gets in the way of their extraordinary potential. We see just how important this phase of being a teenager really is.”

“A hard-hitting emotive piece that explores authentic teenage struggles. ‘It’s just a phase’ was shot with real teenagers – the true driving force behind this piece – making the film genuine and relatable. Soar is an independent national youth outreach movement committed to helping teenagers.”

Client: SOAR (Tony Griffin & Karl Swan)
Agency: Rothco
Agency Producers: Aisling O’Dwyer & Karina Cotter
Creative Director: Ste Rogers
Copywriter: Kate Waters
Art Director: Ste Rogers
Account Director: Emily Lyons
Senior Account Manager: Alan McQuaid
Social Media & Marketing Coordinator: Aedaoin Coyle
Strategy: Darius Pasalar & Paul Hughes
Connections Strategy: Hazel Treacy & Sophie Burke
Director of Marketing: Jill Byrne
Music: Bob Bradley and Thomas Balmforth
Production Company: Motherland
Director: P.O.B.
Producer: Tess Bunworth
Production Manager: Keith Bradley
Assistant Producer: Louise Byrne
Editor: John Cutler
Sound Engineer: Will Farrell

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