Porsche: FIA WEC season review 2017 – The final stint


Heart or Humor

A video to ignite the hearts of Porsche fans around the world, this clip is this iconic sport car brand’s way of waving goodbye to its legacy in world endurance racing. Commercials of this nature are rare and fascinating. Only a concept worthy of millions of views will do to give fans a message to remember. It’s a wave goodbye and a reminder of things to come. Here, we want to rate this advert for key advertising criteria with notes and scores out of 10. Have a read through our thoughts and compare them to your own first impressions!

Memorability – 7 / 10

This clip is aimed almost exclusively at Porches most loyal fans. Luckily for this unique brand, their hardcore fan base happens to be extraordinarily large. Porsche enthusiasts tend to be renowned for their unmatched level of adoration for this world famous car manufacturer and this clip acts almost like a ballad designed to honour their loyalty. Great visuals and a heartfelt soundtrack are the highlights but an overly self-indulgent and dense script brings the quality down a notch. Those who are not diehard fans will not appreciate the sentiment nearly as much as the most obsessed supporters which bring a limit to the breadth of audience this piece can realistically relate to.

Effectiveness – 8 / 10

Most adverts from car brands will sell a particular model or give us some kind of story that inspires us to find out more. This is a different approach. Here we see a clip that has been created more to reinforce adoration from existing fans, rather than a share-worthy tool to attract new ones. It is this kind of work that allows Porsche to maintain such a strong and loyal following of true brand advocates and enthusiasts. This audience this clip targets doesn’t mind messages that are overly boastful, long-winded and borderline gaudy. In this way, the clip serves its purpose with distinction.

Style – 7 / 10

Great use of real footage from past racing instead of choreographed and produced sequences ensures the video maintains integrity and grit. The soundtrack is suitably dramatic while subtle to allow the voice over to come through cleanly. Still, a lot of viewers will feel something is missing whether they are Porsche fans or not. The clip doesn’t feel as deep as it should. Here was an opportunity for Porsche to outline the differences in the way they operate to other manufacturers and really explain what they believe is the key to their success. Instead what they give us is wave after wave of “patting themselves on the back” with words and images that could very well represent to any other car brand in the market. Where’s the unique selling point? We know that the success has happened, but what is it that has made all this success possible?

Heart or Humor – 7 / 10

This concept is all about heart and it does a fine job listing a host of reasons for all supporters to be incredibly proud. We would have liked to see more of a story, more drama, and far more emphasis on what’s to come in future.

Execution – 7 / 10

Great production quality and clear message make the clip attractive especially if you are already a serious Porsche fan. A lack of substance, drama and outstanding writing keep it from being an industry leading concept. The aim here is clear, to acknowledge the success and direct viewers attentions forward. To this end the clip succeeds, even if it does so without too much flare or excitement.

A message to remember.


Great production quality and clear message.

Heart or Humor7.0
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