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Heart or Humor

Sometimes the most basic ads that get straight to the point are the most effective. Here we review the new ad by Intel for their Christmas season campaign, a film made by advertising agency Mcgarrybowen. See our scores out of 10 for the most vital advertising criteria and weigh up our thoughts against your own.

Memorability – 6 / 10

Apart from the huge stars that have been cast (Big Bang Theory’s Jim Parsons and LeBron James) for this short and direct commercial, there’s very little about it that leaps out as unforgettable. The main objective here is to condition a wide range of demographics to associate Intel technology with sensible and higher standard living. Entertainment technology is emphasized and the lead characters are well known for their entertainment work as well as dominant prowess within their “fields”. We certainly think more could have been done to create content that is very hard to ignore as opposed to the constrained and somewhat dull script presented in this clip.

Effectiveness – 8 / 10

The main informative character is well known for his role as a super nerd and technology enthusiast. This casting plays a key role in conditioning adults to relate Intel to a brand that offers the correct option. We would not be shocked to see a spike in Intel machine sales through Best Buy this year following the release of this collaborative push.

Style – 7 / 10

The lines are delivered without too much drama. The comedy follows the fast paced and sharp-tongued humor many have come to expect from “Sheldon”. The family is large and represents the target demographic of a diverse modern family unit very well. “Everyone has their own needs and Intel is the brand that provides the best remedies for each”, this is the overwhelming notion we get from the ad with a setting and soundtrack that are perfectly placed to create it.

Heart or Humor – 7 / 10

We feel the humor is dry and would expect far better quality from such a stellar cast and brand. That said, it’s not a concept that needs huge laughs. The idea here is convey a simple message and they have done this by keeping the script quick, complex, and direct, much like a nerd’s “advice” should be. There could certainly be far more humor coursing throughout the script. This is what a lot of people who recognize the lead characters will expect especially when affiliated with such a huge brand. Most will feel a sense of disappointment in the entertaining quality of this concept and certainly won’t look forward to seeing it over and over again throughout the holiday period.

Execution – 7 / 10

Great visuals and a well cast family unit give the ad life and relevance. There’s no better consumer facing symbol for Intel than the lead character in this ad. He’s sharp, confident and gives clear direction, which is just what people want from computer technology brands. A lack of story and drama really brings the tone of the ad down. It’s not an award winner, neither will it earn incredible social attention online, but it does deliver the core message with supreme clarity.

Huge stars


The humor is dry.

Heart or Humor7.0
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