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The Dutch insurance company OHRA recently launched an ad campaign titled “Chatbot,” which delves into the ever-relevant topic of artificial intelligence (AI) and its role in our lives. Created by the ad agency Joe Public, the ad was published in the Netherlands in October 2023 and has a runtime of 40 seconds. The campaign highlights AI’s potential risks and fears, particularly in the insurance industry.

The Concept

The ad presents a scenario where a chatbot, designed to assist with insurance queries turns into a horror story. It starts with the chatbot helping to check if storm damage is covered by insurance. However, the situation escalates into a dramatic and fearful scenario, raising concerns about AI hacking devices and compromising safety. The ad concludes by suggesting that at OHRA, one can speak to a human employee for a more personal and reliable answer.

In the ever-evolving advertising world, OHRA’s latest ad campaign, “Chatbot,” attempts to tackle the complex relationship between humans and artificial intelligence (AI). But does it hit the mark or miss the boat entirely? Let’s break it down.

Is Artificial Intelligence is a threat?
Is Artificial Intelligence a threat?



The ad’s horror elements are undeniably gripping. The sudden shift from a helpful chatbot to a menacing AI entity is a twist that will stick with viewers long after the 40-second runtime.


The ad’s memorability may not be for the right reasons. It leaves an impression, but the message could get lost in the theatrics, causing viewers to remember the horror but forget the brand.



OHRA successfully differentiates itself by emphasizing the human touch in an industry increasingly leaning on AI. The ad’s message is clear: with OHRA, you’re not just another data point.


The ad may alienate tech-savvy customers who see the benefits of AI and view the ad as fear-mongering. This could be counterproductive for OHRA in the long run.



The ad is well-executed with high production values, seamlessly blending horror and drama elements to create a compelling narrative.


The style may overshadow the substance. The ad is so focused on its cinematic elements that it risks diluting the core message about OHRA’s services.


The ad turns dark, eschewing the humor often found in insurance ads (think Geico or Progressive). While this makes it stand out, it also risks turning off viewers who prefer a lighter touch.


The ad is professionally crafted, with excellent pacing and storytelling. However, it could benefit from a clearer call-to-action and more information about the actual insurance services offered by OHRA.


  1. Relevance: In an age where AI is increasingly integrated into our daily lives, the ad taps into a timely and relevant fear.
  2. Engagement: The ad’s horror elements will likely grab viewers’ attention and make the message memorable.
  3. Call to Action: The ad effectively drives home the point that OHRA offers a more personal touch with human interaction, setting it apart from competitors who may rely heavily on AI.


  1. Lack of Clarity: The ad could be confusing for some viewers, as it starts by showing the chatbot as a helpful tool but quickly turns it into a villain.
  2. Fear-Mongering: The ad may unnecessarily stoke fears about AI, which could be counterproductive in encouraging technological adoption.
  3. Limited Information: The ad focuses more on the horror scenario and less on the insurance services OHRA offers.
A man and a woman in a bed with a glowing object in the room, OHRA funny ad.
OHRA ad is funny

Comparison with Other Ads

Compared to Geico’s humorous and straightforward ads, OHRA’s “Chatbot” takes a more dramatic approach. While Geico‘s ads focus on the benefits of their services, OHRA aims to differentiate itself by highlighting the potential risks of relying solely on AI. This could be a double-edged sword, as it might attract attention and create unnecessary fear.

Final Thoughts

OHRA’s “Chatbot” ad is a bold attempt to address the growing concerns about AI in our daily lives. While it succeeds in grabbing attention and emphasizing the human touch offered by OHRA, it also risks muddying its message and stoking undue fears. It’s a memorable ad, but whether it’s effective in driving customers to choose OHRA for their insurance needs remains to be seen.


OHRA: Brenda Gerritsen, Leonore van Knippenberg, Twan Cijnssen, Sharon Mos, Nynke Nijkamp
Agency: Joe Public Take-away Advertising
Creative directors: Ruben van Dijk, Mats Wilke
Strategy planning: Thecla Schaeffer
Account: Jolies van Rijn, Maaike van ‘t Klooster
Design: Jeroen Icks
Agency producer: Merel Groenenboom, Dylan Driessen
Film production company: Holy Fools
Producer: Wikke van der Burg, Koen van der Knaap
Director: Jelle de Jonge
Production design: Pieter Christiaan
DOP: Robbie van Brussel
Edit: MRTN
Online: Ton Habraken
Grading: Crabsalad
Sound: Public Audio
Animation: Colorbleed
Media: Mindshare



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