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GEICO is back with another installment in their “As Easy As” series, this time with an ad titled “Airport ‘You Too’.” But does this ad fare better than its predecessor in conveying GEICO’s message? Let’s find out.

The Concept

The ad aims to portray that GEICO’s car insurance is as easy to use as mistakenly saying “you too” instead of “thank you” and then feeling awkward about it. It features a conversation between a father and child about going on vacation and also references an app for easy access to insurance policies.

The Talent

The ad showcases a diverse cast, including Darien Sills-Evans as Dad, Maya Goodwin as Mom, and Calah Lane as Daughter. Ravi Kapoor, Jacob Zelonky, Deanna Reed-Foster, and Don Fanelli play other supporting roles. The ensemble does a good job in their respective roles, adding a layer of realism to the ad.

A woman is standing in front of a group of people at an airport in a Geico ad.
Deanna Reed-Foster stars in the GEICO advert

Geico advert Airport Execution

The ad employs awkward humor to connect with the audience, a tactic that can be hit or miss. The conversation between the father and child is relatable but feels disjointed from the main message about GEICO’s easy-to-use app.

Darien Sills-Evans - A man holding a suitcase in a Geico ad at an airport.
Darien Sills-Evans stars in the GEICO ad Airport: “You Too.” Darien is an American actor, writer, comedian, and director. He is best known for Darien in Cosby (1998-2000), CSU Tech Foster in Third Watch (2002-2005), and Andrew in The Reception (2005).


Interestingly, this ad opts for no background music, which could either enhance the focus on the dialogue or make the ad feel somewhat flat.

Comparison with Competitors

Unlike Progressive’s campaigns that directly address consumer concerns like pricing, GEICO’s ad takes a more abstract approach. While entertaining, it may not be as effective in driving the message about the ease of using GEICO’s services.

Calah Lane A group of people standing in a line at an airport featured in a Geico ad.
Calah Lane and Maya Goodwin star in the GEICO Ad 2023

Technical Aspects

The ad, like its predecessor, runs for 31 seconds. The pacing is better this time, but the narrative could still benefit from more clarity.

Conclusion for Geico ad Airport

GEICO’s “Airport ‘You Too'” ad is entertaining but short of delivering a clear message. While the talent is commendable and the execution is polished, the ad’s effectiveness as a marketing tool remains questionable.

A man in a blue shirt is standing next to a man in a blue shirt in a Geico ad.
Jacob Zelonky and Don Fanelli star in the Geico ad Airport 20023


  1. Diverse Talent: The ad features a diverse cast, adding a layer of authenticity and inclusivity.
  2. Relatable Humor: The awkward humor is something many can relate to, making the ad engaging.
  3. Improved Pacing: Unlike the previous GEICO allergy ad, the pacing here feels more balanced, allowing the audience to absorb the message better.


  1. Abstract Concept: The ad’s core message is abstract and may not resonate with everyone.




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  1. The writers of this commercial should give credit to comedian Brian Reagan. This was part of his stand-up routine 20 years ago

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