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GEICO, a household name in the insurance industry, recently released a new advertising campaign titled “Stuffy Nose – As Easy As.” The question is: does the ad effectively convey its intended message? This review aims to dissect the various elements of the ad to provide a critical analysis.

The Concept

The central theme of the ad is that GEICO’s car insurance is as easy to use as getting a stuffy nose during allergy season. The narrator, who used to enjoy the scents of fresh-cut grass and morning coffee, now finds himself unable to do so due to allergies. He blames GEICO for this, albeit humorously, but also acknowledges that the company’s app simplifies policy management.

The Talent

Jenna Jimenez plays the role of a woman in the ad, while Andrew Anthony lends his voice as the AVO (Audio Voice Over). Both performers do a commendable job in their respective roles, adding a layer of authenticity to the ad. However, given the ad’s lack of a straightforward, compelling narrative, their talents seem underutilized.

Jenna Jimenez - A woman sneezing in a white dress standing in a garden, featuring an allergy-induced stuffy nose.
Jenna Jimenez stars in the Geico ad Stuffy Nose


The ad employs humor and a relatable scenario to connect with its audience. However, comparing a stuffy nose and easy-to-use car insurance is somewhat misplaced. Allergies are universally considered a nuisance, and equating the ease of GEICO’s services to an annoying condition might not be the most effective strategy.

The Music

The background music, “Una Furtiva Lagrima,” adds a touch of drama to the ad. While the choice of music is intriguing, it doesn’t necessarily align with the ad’s overall tone, which aims to be light-hearted and humorous.

Comparison with Competitors

GEICO’s ad seems to lack focus when pitted against Progressive‘s “Name Your Price Tool” campaign. Progressive’s campaign is straightforward, addressing a common consumer concern—price. On the other hand, GEICO’s ad takes a more abstract approach, which could leave viewers more puzzled than convinced.

In a Geico ad, a woman - Jenna Jimenez - with a stuffy nose is smelling flowers in a garden.

Technical Aspects

The ad runs for a standard 31 seconds but feels rushed, leaving little room for the viewer to absorb its message fully. While the production quality is high, the pacing and narrative could benefit from some fine-tuning.


GEICO’s “Stuffy Nose – As Easy As” advert combines elements. While it features talented actors and an interesting choice of music, it falls short of delivering a clear and compelling message. The ad’s attempt to be humorous and relatable is commendable but ultimately fails to resonate with its target audience, especially when compared to more focused campaigns from competitors like Progressive.



It feels rushed

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