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Is Bud Light’s new ad a Game-Changer or Just More of the Same?

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The Bud Light brand has been a staple in the American beer market for years, but recent controversies and declining sales have put the brand in a precarious position. In an attempt to revitalize its image and connect with its audience, Bud Light has launched one of its biggest NFL campaigns to date, titled “Easy to Sunday.”

The Campaign Overview

The “Easy to Sunday” campaign is part of Bud Light’s more prominent “Easy to Enjoy” platform and aims to celebrate the traditions and rituals of real NFL fans across the country. The campaign will feature a new commercial set in 60, 30, and 15-second formats, showcasing real fans and their Sunday traditions. Additionally, Bud Light is partnering with YouTube to give away over 2,000 subscriptions to NFL Sunday Ticket and with Fanatics to provide e-gift cards for NFL merchandise.

Analyzing Public Sentiment: Comments on Bud Light’s “Easy to Sunday” ad

The comments section of Bud Light’s “Easy to Sunday” YouTube video offers a rich tapestry of public sentiment, ranging from skepticism and criticism to a few voices of support. Here’s a breakdown:

Skepticism and Criticism

  1. Brand Loyalty: Comments like “This commercial gets me in the mood for a nice cold American Yuengling” and “I’ll be enjoying ice cold Yuenglings on gameday” indicate that some viewers are leaning towards other brands.
  2. Controversy: Several comments, such as “The brand that will still not apologize to its customers” and “They think 1 commercial is gonna make it all go away,” point to a lingering sense of betrayal and skepticism about the brand’s intentions.
  3. Identity Crisis: Comments like “Why does bud light depict all of its drinkers as morons in their commercials?” and “Bud light using manly topics now to appeal to men” suggest that the brand is struggling with its identity and messaging.
  4. Inclusivity: Some comments criticized the brand for not being inclusive enough, with remarks like “No Trans in your commercial isn’t very inclusive of you.”
  5. Quality: Several comments disparaged the quality of Bud Light, with phrases like “I guarantee no one in those bars are drinking bud light” and “I’d consider having rabies before I’d think about drinking this piss poor beer.”

Support and Positive Feedback

  1. Appreciation: A few comments like “People just hate. Great Ad. pumped for football season!” and “It’s a nice ad” show that not everyone is against the brand.

Neutral and Humorous

  1. Humor: Comments like “New beer. Who dis?” and “I love ❤ reading the comments!! 😂😂😂” add a lighter tone to the discussion.
  2. Sarcasm: One comment mentioned, “I’m five months sober now. Thanks, AB!” falsely indicating that the brand has positively impacted at least one individual’s life.
  3. Local Preference: Some comments like “Nah I think I’ll drink local 😎” and “I rather support small local breweries” indicate a preference for local brands instead of returning to Bud Light.

Public Sentiment Analysis Conclusions

The comments reveal a predominantly negative sentiment towards Bud Light’s new campaign and the brand itself. While there are a few positive and neutral comments, the overwhelming majority express skepticism, criticism, or outright disdain. This suggests that Bud Light has significant work to rebuild trust and loyalty among its consumer base.

A group of people drinking beer in a living room ponders if Bud Light's new ad is a game-changer or just more of the same.
Bud Light’s new ad 2023

The Good

  1. Fan-Centric Approach: The campaign wisely focuses on real fans and their traditions, which could resonate well with the target audience.
  2. Strategic Partnerships: Collaborating with YouTube and Fanatics adds value to the campaign and offers tangible benefits to the fans.

The Bad

  1. Timing: The campaign comes on the heels of a controversy involving a conservative-led boycott, which could overshadow the campaign’s message.
  2. Lack of Innovation: While the campaign aims to connect with fans, it doesn’t bring anything new or groundbreaking.

Comparisons with Other Campaigns

Pepsi’s NFL Campaign

Pepsi recently turned the NFL’s decision to allow players to wear No. 0 into a marketing opportunity. Unlike Bud Light’s traditional approach, Pepsi took a creative spin that generated buzz.

Modelo’s Rise

Modelo recently overtook Bud Light as the country’s bestselling beer. Modelo’s straightforward and authentic marketing strategies seem to be paying off, raising questions about whether Bud Light’s more elaborate campaigns are missing the mark.

Bud Light's new ad Denver Broncos, stadium.
Denver Broncos mascot

Is Bud Light’s campaign too little, too late in the face of declining sales and controversies?

The timing of Bud Light’s “Easy to Sunday” campaign is indeed precarious, coming on the heels of a conservative-led boycott and declining sales. While the campaign aims to rekindle the brand’s relationship with its audience, it’s worth questioning whether this is a case of “too little, too late.” Controversies, have marred the brand and a single campaign may not be enough to reverse the negative trends. However, the NFL season offers a significant platform, and if executed well, the campaign could start to mend fences. But it’s a long road ahead, and this campaign alone is unlikely to be a panacea for all of Bud Light’s woes.

How effective will the partnerships with YouTube and Fanatics be in driving engagement?

The partnerships with YouTube and Fanatics are strategic moves that could potentially drive significant engagement. Offering tangible benefits like NFL Sunday Ticket subscriptions and e-gift cards for NFL merchandise adds real value for fans. These partnerships not only incentivize purchase but also create a more interactive and rewarding experience for the consumer. However, the effectiveness of these partnerships will largely depend on how well they are integrated into the overall campaign and communicated to the audience. They could become gimmicks rather than value-added propositions if not executed properly.

Does the campaign do enough to differentiate Bud Light in a crowded market?

In a market where brands like Modelo are gaining ground with straightforward and authentic messaging, Bud Light’s “Easy to Sunday” campaign seems to tread the line of traditional advertising. While focusing on real fans and their traditions is a good angle, it doesn’t necessarily break new ground in beer advertising. The campaign appears to be more of a safe play, aiming to reconnect with its existing consumer base rather than attracting a new audience. In a crowded market where differentiation is key, the campaign may not do enough to set Bud Light apart from competitors.

Bud Light's new ad
Bud Light’s new ad: Easy to Sunday

Final Thoughts

While the “Easy to Sunday” campaign has its merits, it also comes with risks. The timing could either be a fresh start for the brand or a continuation of its recent struggles. Moreover, Bud Light may need to reconsider its approach in a market where competitors like Modelo are gaining ground with more straightforward, authentic campaigns.

It’s a step in the right direction but may not be the giant leap needed to fully recover from recent setbacks and differentiate itself in a competitive market.



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