New Era Cap: We Who Reign

Urban culture and MLB have moved hand in hand for what seems like decades now. In this article, we’re going to review the commercial for the New Era cap by MLB. The advert was created by the advertising agency 72andSunny.

Memorability 8 / 10

Many viewers will feel like they’ve seen this advert before. The concept doesn’t bring us anything terribly exciting or new, but it does dish out some spectacular visuals and a very strong soundtrack. The concept doesn’t seem to feature any huge moments that cry out to be remembered, but this advert is a small piece in a much larger puzzle. The idea with this clip to further condition audiences to associate the MLB hat brand with Hip-Hop and urban culture. This is evidently a tried and tested model that has not yet run its course. If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.

Effectiveness 7 / 10

The hats themselves look gorgeous and the script is cleverly trying to bolster their market position as “the” style of a baseball cap for fashion-conscious followers to wear. The visuals of the hat are easy to remember and their placement throughout the video helps to keep the audience’s attention firmly fixed on the merchandise. This is, after all, a fashion commercial and that means beauty and culture is everything. The ad is filled to the brim with a powerful urban theme. Being a cross between a commercial story and a rap video makes it hit key notions flawlessly.

Style – 8 / 10

Nothing says glamour to today’s modern youth like thrones, chains, dynasties and now premium baseball caps. The New Era Cap is being positioned as a luxury item that signifies premium quality, fashionability, and fitness. The setting is filled with urban scenes, luxury accommodation and the kind of cinematography most would expect from an epic drama filled movie. The clip is full of character and bursts of musical flavor that cement the brands positioning as cool and original.

Heart or Humor – 8 / 10

This concept is all about heart. The brand is conditioning fans to see the hat in a sentimental way. The product has been in style for years now and so this campaign is about reinforcing the products “legacy” as the best baseball cap in the market. It means something to wear this cap. You’re not just buying clothing, you’re joining and embracing that legacy.

Execution – 8 / 10

Stunning visuals, punchy music and a script that sells the products story combine to make a catchy and enticing piece of advertising. Fans that have loved the brand for many years will adore the concept just as much as younger viewers that have grown up idolizing the product. Could a slightly fresher spin on the Hip-Hop theme be used to refresh the connection, perhaps with younger athletes or a more contemporary blend of music to connect more with teenage segments? Maybe. But if classic Hip-Hop works right now, why sub it out?

Urban culture and MLB


The commercial features stunning visuals and punchy music.

Heart or Humor8.0
Reader Rating: ( 2 votes ) 5.6

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