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Milano&Partners – fly to Milano with Santa Claus

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Milano&Partners, the official promotional agency of the city of Milano, unveiled a Christmas commercial with the message “This Christmas season, fly to Milano with Santa Claus and take your time to live all the magical experiences of the city”. The advert was created by the advertising agency Wunderman Thompson Italy and directed by Alessandro De Leo. Santa’s role is played by Pierluigi Ferrero.
The music background is Santa Out by Dunkan.


Creative Agency: Wunderman Thompson Italy
Chief Creative Officer: Lorenzo Crespi
Creative Directors: Dario Marongiu & Lorenzo Branchi
Art Director: Arianna Nitri
Copywriter: Alessandro Gemignani

Directed by: Alessandro De Leo
CDP: Movie Magic International
Executive Producer: Chicco Mazzini
Producer: Viola Luzardi
Junior Producer: Michaela Salova
Production Manager: Alessandro D’Imperio
Production Inspector: Francesco Bensi
Production Assistant: Riccardo Tomaselli
DOP: Karim Andreotti
Assistant Director: Lisa Valcarenghi
Assistant Director: Samuel Scott
Set Designer: Paolo Monzeglio
Assistant Set Designer: Francesca Spano
Costume Designer: Silvia Capra
Assistant Costume Designer: Miriam Mora
Make-Up Artist: Milena Digirolamo
Editor: Claudio Macchitella

Post-Production: Hogarth Worldwide Italy
Executive Post-Producer: Sara Affatato
Colorist: Orash Rahnema
Sound Engineer: Eddy Fortini
3D Artist: Carlo Rinaldo
Online & Compositing: Enrico Rivoire, Dario Sbrana

Photo Shooting: FM

Leading Actors and Actresses:
Pierluigi Ferrero – Santa Claus
Ghilli Prati – Friend of Santa’s
Valentina Bovycova – Friend of Santa’s
Alisa Capitao – Friend of Santa’s
Original Soundtrack: Matteo De Marinis
Words and Interpretation: Dunkan

YESMilano - fly to Milano with Santa Claus

SANTA OUT commercial LYRICS:

Santa out
Save it kid I’m not in town
Got this drip at the fashion week
And I cooped Moncler just for Mrs. Claus

It’s not even weird
I’m talking for real
He’s styling my beard
Cause I wanted a buddy
And a Viking appeared

Well sir
While I’m here I might change all my little helpers

So much art that in one life you couldn’t see it
This city’s like that movie night at the museum
Il bacio che buono
I fashion the logo
Got rid of the sack
went back to the club
Got trashed by the Duomo
It’s time for the show when you eat panettone at a table for two
Above and beyond now you know that Milan is the city for you.



I want you to visit Milan!

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