MGM National Harbor: This is monumental

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Created by advertising agency: McCann, New York, “This is Monumental.” is the new MGM’s commercial. The advert promotes the new MGM National Harbor resort (opening on 2016, December 8)

After years of planning, designing and developing, we are thrilled that the moment is almost upon us to share this very special resort with the community and visitors from around the world,” said Lorenzo Creighton, president of MGM National Harbor. “We are grateful to Prince George’s County, the state of Maryland and all of the local designers, artisans and businesses that have collaborated with us to deliver this international resort with very local roots.

Director: Martin Aamund
Production Company: Tool of North America
VFX: Framestore
Audio Company: Significant Others
Original Music Score: Human

Bill Boasberg, the resort‘s general manager, said, “On December 8, MGM National Harbor will introduce something unprecedented to one of the country’s most popular travel destinations. Under one roof, guests will enjoy a sophisticated hotel experience, high-energy casino, celebrity-chef restaurants, world-class entertainment, nightlife, destination spa, upscale retail and curated art, complemented by incredible panoramas of D.C., Maryland and Virginia.

This is monumental


The advert was excellently executed and is pretty effective. The music fit well with the theme of the commercial.

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  1. Love this MGM National Resort commercial. trying to find out the name of the song being sung and/or the artist.

  2. I’d like to know more about he song too! I tried to look up “This is monumental” by human and had no luck. I also tried to look up the band amd ended up finding nothing. Anyone familiar with this band?

  3. Apparently they have decided to not release this music as I’ve been searching for a while and haven’t found it available. Not on iTunes unless under another name.

  4. I checked iTunes, Pandora, Amazon music and Spotify and found nothing under “Human” or “This is monumental”. You would think MGM would have the marketing prowess to release it. Is “Human” even a real band???

  5. The song title is “Human” and it is an original music score. Scan down to almost the bottom of the page to see this info.
    Now, does anybody know the name of the man sitting on the piano. I have seen him many times but just can’t place him. Help. Thanks.

  6. Okay, the man on the piano is Peter Stormare. Steve Buscemi was also supposed to do the ad, but I don’t see him in it.

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