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Marmite, a household name in the UK for its distinctive food spread, has launched an audacious campaign named “First Timers,” targeting young adults aged 18 to 24. Coinciding with Freshers’ Week, a period synonymous with new experiences and experimentation, the Marmite advert 2023 with puppets seeks to entice a generation unfamiliar with Marmite‘s unique flavor. Directed by Guy Shelmerdine and featuring music by Giraffage, the campaign merges humor, sensuality, and rhythm in a bold attempt to capture the attention of its young audience.

  • Memorable: 90/100
    • Pros: The campaign’s timing, coinciding with Freshers’ Week, is a strategic masterstroke, tapping into the spirit of experimentation prevalent among young adults.
    • Cons: The highly stylized approach might overshadow the product’s core appeal, potentially confusing the message for some viewers.
  • Effective: 85/100
    • Pros: Targeting a specific age group with a tailored message shows a clear understanding of the audience’s mindset. The TikTok challenge and Tinder quiz are clever ways to engage with the demographic on platforms they frequently use.
    • Cons: The campaign’s edgy style might not resonate with all within the target age group, possibly alienating more conservative viewers.
  • Style: 88/100
    • Pros: The choice of puppets in suggestive scenarios paired with an upbeat music track creates a unique and attention-grabbing aesthetic.
    • Cons: This bold style might be too aggressive for a product traditionally seen as a kitchen staple, risking a disconnect with the brand’s heritage.
  • Heart/Humor: 82/100
    • Pros: The humorous and playful approach makes the ad memorable and shareable, especially among younger audiences.
    • Cons: The humor’s suggestive nature might be off-putting for some, risking a backlash or misinterpretation of the brand’s values.
  • Execution: 92/100
    • Pros: Collaborating with Giraffage for the music track adds a layer of modern appeal, enhancing the campaign’s resonance with the target audience.
    • Cons: The focus on the campaign’s style and music might detract from the product’s appeal, leading to style over substance.
Marmite advert First Timers - Love It or Hate It
Marmite’s ‘First Timers’: A Fresh Take on Traditional Advertising.

The campaign’s music, a remixed version of Giraffage’s electro track “Workout,” plays a pivotal role. Its catchy rhythm and modern vibe perfectly align with the campaign’s energetic and youthful spirit. The music amplifies the campaign’s message and enhances its appeal to a younger audience familiar with electronic beats and rhythm-driven content.

“First Timers” targets young adults aged 18 to 24, a demographic known for their openness to new experiences and adventurous spirit. By launching during Freshers’ Week, Marmite cleverly taps into a time when this audience is most receptive to trying new things, including experimenting with their taste buds. The campaign’s edgy and playful tone is tailored to resonate with this age group, often drawn to bold and unconventional advertising.

Marmite advert Love It or Hate It
Marmite puppets advert

Adam&EveDDB, the agency behind this inventive campaign, is renowned for its creative and effective advertising strategies. Known for their ability to blend traditional and digital media, their work often stands out in the crowded advertising landscape. The “First Timers” campaign is yet another testament to their expertise in crafting memorable and impactful advertising narratives.

Marmite’s “First Timers” campaign stands as a bold, innovative venture in the world of advertising. While it takes risks with its unique approach, the campaign reflects a deep understanding of current trends and audience preferences. Adam&EveDDB’s creative direction, coupled with the high-quality production of Smuggler, ensures that the campaign not only captures attention but also sparks curiosity. Whether it will translate into a significant boost in Marmite consumption by new audiences remains to be seen, but it certainly makes a memorable mark in the realm of creative advertising.

Marmite ad First Timers - Love It or Hate It
Marmite ad First Timers – Love It or Hate It



The music track adds a layer of modern appeal,.

Heart or Humor8.2
Reader Rating: ( 1 vote ) 9.2

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