Levi’s: Sea of Blue – full version

Levi’s unveiled a new TV commercial named “Sea of Blue.” The 60-second advert was created by the advertising agency Wieden+Kennedy, and it features the song Nothin’ Like This by The Phantoms.
The advert tagline is “Live in Levi’s”

I like the idea of an underwater kiss at a rooftop party. The theme of a party where everybody using its cell phone is not new, but it is pretty accurate. Both actors have charisma. The product is well presented during the film and actors interact with it.

There are some small editing errors but overall it is a good commercial.

Levi’s "Sea of Blue" 2017 Commercial
There seems to be quite a few people out there who find a cross-eyed woman to be more attractive.
Levi’s "Sea of Blue" 2017 Commercial
Crossed eyes may be not so sexy

An underwater kiss at a rooftop party


The advert accomplish a strong brand association.

Heart or Humor9.0
Reader Rating: ( 3 votes ) 10

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