Toyota: Paragliding

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Toyota RAV4 TV commercial ‘Paragliding‘ was created by the creative agency Saatchi & Saatchi Los Angeles. In the advert, the Toyota RAV4 enables a paraglider to cut loose and float among the mountainous beauty. The advert appears to be filmed in Torres del Paine NP in Chile’s Patagonia.
The tagline is “Let’s Go Places.”

The background music of the Toyota commercial is wonderful, so many people ask “what is the name of the song”? The answer is pretty disappointing as the song have been created for the commercial by Animal Music Studios. Maybe in the future, it will be a full version of the song.

There are some errors in the film. The biggest one is the disappearance of the winch on the back. There is a winch on the back at the second 9, but there isn’t one 4 seconds later. You can see in below pictures the mistake:
Also, the voice-over guy mispronounced the brand name, Toyota. Twice.

toyota rav4 commercial
toyota rav4 commercial

Let's go editing


Is not a good idea to have an advert with a distracted driver that could cause a crash. Also, it is a poorly edited film.

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