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Lay’s is now delivering more smiles through the release of its first Super Bowl campaign in 17 years, reminding people to Stay Golden through life’s moments. The campaign kicks off with an in-game spot starring two comedic masterminds who have brought hilarity to fans on the big and small screens for years – irreverently funny best friends Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd.

Does Rogen have a stalker? Why are they on a retro road trip? In the commercial released today, fans finally learn that those moments were memories shared between Rogen and Rudd along with a bag of Lay’s. The journey down memory lane is filled with good times, scary times, and even some hilarious mishaps, and Lay’s was there through it all. The commercial makes one thing clear – this classic comedic duo has been a trio all along.

Seth Rogen Paul Rudd Super Bowl LVI Commercial
Seth Rogen Paul Rudd Super Bowl LVI Commercial

“I love working with Seth because we always have a good time together,” said Rudd. “Any chance I get to spend time with Seth AND eat potato chips is a win.”

Rogen and his longtime friend and writing partner, Evan Goldberg, collaborated with Lay’s on the script. Goldberg, the renowned director, screenwriter, and producer, who has brought fans some of the most beloved comedic movies of all time such as “Superbad” and “This is the End,” directed the commercial.

“I love Paul and I love Lay’s, so co-writing this Super Bowl spot was really a no-brainer!” said Rogen.

Starting Super Bowl Sunday, Lay’s is launching the #LaysGoldenDuet Hashtag Challenge on TikTok to help fans “Stay Golden” just like Rogen and Rudd did in the commercial. Fans are invited to duet a video of Rogen and Rudd’s road trip scene and belt out their own version of international superstar and five-time GRAMMY Award-winning artist Shania Twain’s hit song “You’re Still the One” with a friend.

Seth Rogen & Paul Rudd Super Bowl 2022 ad
Seth Rogen & Paul Rudd Super Bowl 2022 ad

“From everyday occasions to family holidays, to memorable moments with friends, everyone has joyful memories with Lay’s – a brand that’s been there, spreading smiles for decades,” said Rachel Ferdinando, senior vice president and chief marketing officer, Frito-Lay North America. “This campaign brings Lay’s back to the Super Bowl in a huge, hilarious way by staying true to our brand purpose and reminding us to ‘Stay Golden’ no matter what life throws our way.”

Additionally, to celebrate football fans who rally for their teams season after season, Lay’s recently introduced Golden Grounds™, a first-of-its-kind lineup of NFL-inspired chips, before NFL playoffs. The limited-edition chips were created using potatoes grown in fields mixed with sacred soil pulled directly from NFL stadiums and fields.

Seth Rogen lays Paul Rudd Super Bowl LVI Commercial
Seth Rogen lays Paul Rudd Super Bowl LVI Commercial

In addition to the in-game advertisement from Lay’s, Frito-Lay also has a second spot during the Super Bowl. For the first time, Frito-Lay’s Flamin’ Hot brand will have its own in-game commercial featuring both Doritos and Cheetos, showing fans what the world would look like with a little more Flamin’ Hot.

Frito-Lay and PepsiCo Beverages have also teamed up for a joint NFL Playoff campaign, Road to Super Bowl. The commercial features the breadth of the food and beverage portfolio and is aimed to excite fans gearing up for Super Bowl LVI with the help of five beloved Super Bowl Champions.

Seth Rogen Paul Rudd Super Bowl LVI zombies Commercial
Seth Rogen Paul Rudd Super Bowl LVI zombies Commercial



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