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Hellmann’s Super Bowl commercial features Jon Hamm (best known as Don Draper in the television series Mad Men) and Brie Larson (best known for her role as Captain Marvel in the Marvel Cinematic Universe superhero films Captain Marvel and Avengers: Endgame).

Wunderman Thompson created Hellmann’s spot. As the brand continues to embody its commitment to reducing food waste and the ‘Make Taste, Not Waste’ campaign, Hellmann’s partnered with Good Planet Innovation to ensure the brand was mindful of food waste and leftovers while filming this year’s Big Game commercial.

Hellmann’s filmed this year’s commercial inside a fridge. Instead of tossing uneaten cheeses and cold cuts out after the game, why not stack them between two pieces of toasty bread slathered in mayo for a creamy and dreamy panini the next day?

“Filming this spot alongside Brie Larson, Pete Davidson, and a giant jar of Hellmann’s was a real honor for me,” said Jon Hamm. “I didn’t really think about how much food waste happens at home when you don’t pay attention to what’s in your fridge until filming this commercial. Pete may have found me delicious, but I find myself inspired to bring my leftovers to life and make a difference when it comes to reducing food waste.”

“When Hellmann’s came to me about incorporating my namesake ingredient into their Big Game commercial, I was thrilled,” said Brie Larson. “It happens to be a delicious, versatile addition to many dishes – just like Hellmann’s mayo! – so I hope our commercial inspires viewers to keep that in mind the next time they think about tossing brie out.”

“Being a part of last year’s ad with Hellmann’s really opened my eyes about the issue of food waste,” said Pete Davidson. “When they asked me to open up my fridge this year and get more people to think about bringing leftovers to life, I thought it was pretty cool.”

Jon Hamm stars in Hellmann’s Super Bowl commercial

“Our comedic approach to inspiring viewers of the Big Game to do more with what’s in their fridge and ‘Make Taste, Not Waste’ has been an impactful way to be part of this cultural moment, with this year’s spot being no exception,” said Ben Crook, Vice President/GM, Dressings & Condiments (NA) at Unilever. “By partnering with Jon Hamm, Brie Larson, and Pete Davidson to bring this message to life – literally, with our ham & brie super panini – we hope we can show people again how easy it can be to create something delicious while making a positive impact in reducing food waste at home.”

Hellmann's Super Bowl commercial Brie Larson aka Captain Marvel
Brie Larson stars in Hellmann’s Super Bowl commercial

With 40% of all food in the U.S going to waste and 43% of that waste happening at home, helping people reduce their food waste at home is a key pillar of Hellmann’s ‘Make Taste, Not Waste’ campaign. Last year, Hellmann’s launched the behavior-change program Fridge Night, which is proven to help families reduce their food waste by 46% (according to a large-scale scientific study). Fridge Night, available in English and Spanish for free on iOS and Android app stores, provides “flexipes,” flexible recipes, and weekly challenges to use up what’s in the fridge, as well as a tracker for personal food waste impact.



Good cast.

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