GEICO: Sandcastle – Life’s A Beach

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The advertising agency The Martin Agency Inc. do great commercials for GEICO Insurance. Some of them are innovative, unique, brilliant, and so funny… This new one, Sandcastle – Life’s A Beach, is funny and have something to keep you watching to the end.

The cast is Mike C. Nelson (the one with the glasses and beard building the small sandcastle), Jaeden Bettencourt (boy in blue shirt), Max Kalvan (boy in green shirt).
The campaign name is “More Than Just Great Savings”, and the tagline is “Expect Great Savings and a Whole Lot More.”

I don’t think that sandcastle is real, but it is really nice.

I want a sandcastle like this...


I like the idea of an impossible sandcastle. The sand fountain is just hilarious and unexpected.

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  1. I was disappointed that Mike told the boy to go get some mud without using any manners . How are children ever going to learn?

  2. This entire commercial sickens me every time I see it. The arrogant guy bragging about getting more. It portrays the slightly overweight guy building a simple sand castle with his son as inferior to the other arrogant millennial, who expects more more more of everything. Not only that, but he also assumes that everyone else in the world carries a similar selfish, self seeking me me me more more more attitude as he proudly displays.

    If any skinny tight jean wearing, entitled millennial started a conversation up with me, that even remotely resembled what he saidin this fictional work, I would most likely ignore him. However, I’d he continued to pester me about how much more he was receiving I’d tell him “Whipteefuckindoo fella! What do you want a prize or something? Go help someone out less fortunate than yourself and pipe down about how much more you have than others around you!”

    If he continues bragging I let him know I’m about to give him a wedgie.

    Then I leave before it becomes physical or I lose my chill or cool

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