Tiny Toast: Humans can’t resist

Tiny Toast is General Mills’ first new breakfast cereal. For the “Humans can’t resist.” campaign, the advertising company Walrus, New York, creates four short 15-second funny videos. The commercials run on on Snapchat, Instagram, Tumblr, YouTube and Spotify as Walrus plan the campaign to avoid traditional media entirely. As you can guess, the primary target for the launch was teenagers, and the work appealed to their appetite for all things weird. Teens also spend very little time watching linear and live media.
So, Walrus creates pieces of short snackable content, all emanating from a strange strange world where humans will do anything to get their hands on Tiny Toast cereal. Also, These costumes were feathered by hand…

The tagline is “Humans can’t resist.”

Given the short attention span of our audience, the maximum length for all the spots is 15 seconds. There are versions in landscape, square and vertical formats to accommodate the various social channels, and made sure that they all communicate with the sound on mute.



The campaign is funny and it is different. I like it.

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