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The advertising agency FCB, New York, USA unveiled this public interest commercial about smoking cigarettes as a teenager. The animated film is a spinoff from the classic fairy tale “The Three Little Pigs.” Produced by MJZ and directed by Carl Erik Rinsch, “STRAW CITY” aims to warn teenagers about the dangers of smoking.

FCB said about their commercial: Smoking cigarettes as a teenager can permanently stunt the growth of your lungs. The result is a loss of your potential: You may never be all that you were meant to be. We set out to make this case to teens with a big, eye-catching production. Partnering with Oscar-winning effects artists, amazing set designers, and makeup wizards, we brought to life a familiar story in a brand-new way that will make teens think twice about the cost of cigarettes and will literally take their breath away.

The incapable wolf


I like the animation. The message is clear but not very effective for teenagers. Why do I think this? Because the teenagers from the target group don't link the fairy tales to their values anymore.

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