ALDI Australia: Nothing Beats the Perfect Aussie Christmas

ALDI Australia unveiled its Christmas campaign. Named “Nothing Beats the Perfect Aussie Christmas,” the TV commercial was created by advertising agency BMF and produced by Finch.

Meet the Tinkletons, a family of super enthusiastic Americans who are convinced that their Christmas is better than Aussie Christmas. And this year, they’re heading Down Under to prove it.

BMF said about this campaign: Every December, Aussies are force-fed cheesy American white Christmas movies; they sing carols about sleigh bells and snow, and don Santa’s red jacket, white beard, and big black boots, even though the mercury is sliding up to 40 degrees.

And if that’s not enough, people from the North who have settled in Australia, constantly whinge that Christmas Down Under doesn’t feel like ‘real’ Christmas. Bah Humbug.

This year ALDI’s Christmas campaign features the Tinkletons – a family of super enthusiastic Americans who are convinced that their Christmas is better than ours. And they have come to Australia to prove it.

Not only are the Tinkletons up against the perfect Aussie weather, backyard barbies and days at the beach, they’re also battling ALDI’s luxury range of delicious tiger prawns, garlic butter lobster tails, half leg hams, fudge and much, much more.

Meet the Tinkletons


The advert is kind of funny, and the execution is flawless.

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