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Every Man Jack ad: Introducing Them Beardles

Every Man Jack, a leading men’s grooming brand, has launched a new campaign called “Them Beardles” to strengthen its position in the male grooming market. Created by independent comedy agency Party Land, the campaign introduces a fictional band of musicians with facial hair who address common beard-related issues like dry skin, frizz, and patchiness. The campaign aims to show that Every Man Jack’s products can solve these problems and improve beard quality. The campaign features TV personality Matt James of “The Bachelor” fame and is set to air on various platforms, including connected TV, social media, and linear TV.

The Good

  1. Creative Approach: The campaign’s use of a fictional band and original music adds a unique and entertaining twist to the typical grooming ad.
  2. Addressing Real Issues: By focusing on common beard-related problems, the campaign speaks directly to its target audience’s needs.
  3. Celebrity Inclusion: Featuring Matt James adds a layer of credibility and attracts fans of “The Bachelor,” potentially broadening the campaign’s reach.

The Bad

  1. Complexity: While entertaining, the campaign’s musical and comedic elements may overshadow the product’s core message.
  2. Target Audience: The campaign seems to target a younger demographic, which might alienate older consumers who also have beard care needs.

Comparison with Competitors

  • Gillette‘s “The Best a Man Can Get”: Unlike Every Man Jack, Gillette focuses more on the shaving experience rather than beard care.
  • Beardbrand’s “Keep on Growing”: Beardbrand also addresses beard care more straightforwardly and educationally.
A man in a cowboy hat is getting his beard trimmed in an Every Man Jack ad.
Every Man Jack ad.

Our Questions For You

  1. Is Comedy Effective? Does the comedic approach make the campaign more memorable, or does it dilute the product’s message?
  2. Celebrity Impact: How much does including a celebrity like Matt James contribute to the campaign’s success?
  3. Musical Element: Is using an original song a creative masterstroke or a risky gamble for a grooming product campaign?

Who is Matt James

Matt James is a name that has become synonymous with modern reality television, particularly due to his prominent role on ABC’s “The Bachelor.” Born on December 5, 1991, in Raleigh, North Carolina, Matt gained widespread attention as the first Black lead in the history of the long-running dating show. His season was not just a milestone for diversity but also a talking point for the complexities and nuances of modern dating, race, and representation on television.

Before his rise to fame, Matt was a professional football player and a real estate broker. He played wide receiver at Wake Forest University and had brief stints with the Carolina Panthers and the New Orleans Saints. His transition to real estate and eventually to television showcases his multifaceted personality and diverse skill set.

Matt’s appearance on “The Bachelor” was met with both praise and scrutiny. While he was lauded for breaking racial barriers on a show that has often been criticized for its lack of diversity, he also faced the pressure and scrutiny that came with it. His choices, actions, and even his “polarizing beard” were dissected on social media, making him one of the most talked-about Bachelors in recent years.

Beyond the screen, Matt has been involved in various philanthropic activities. He co-founded ABC Food Tours, an organization that educates underserved children about food and exercise in an experiential way. This endeavor reflects his commitment to community service and his desire to make a tangible impact.

Recently, Matt James has extended his influence to the advertising world. He features in Every Man Jack’s new campaign, “Them Beardles,” which focuses on beard care. His involvement not only adds star power but also brings in a layer of relatability and authenticity, given his own well-publicized journey with facial hair.

In summary, Matt James is not just a reality TV star but a multi-dimensional individual who has leveraged his platform for social good, entrepreneurial ventures, and now, brand endorsements. His journey is a testament to the evolving nature of fame in the digital age.

Every Man Jack Press Release

The Brand Unveils It’s First-Ever Beard Campaign, Premium Beard Collection, and Celebrity Barber Ambassador to Mark Achievement

Every Man Jack, the leading men’s grooming brand that inspires men to take care of themselves and the world around them, is proud to announce its new status as the *#1 brand in beard care in MULO. To commemorate this significant achievement, Every Man Jack unveiled its first-ever beard campaign, titled ‘Them Beardles,’ which features esteemed TV personality, Matt James. Concurrently, Every Man Jack has launched its most premium product collection to date, Small Batch Beard Collection, carefully crafted with the most coveted ingredients in beard care, and has revealed its first expert beard ambassador, the renowned Celebrity Groomer, Michael Dueñas.

“Becoming the #1 brand in beard care in MULO is a testament to our commitment to quality and innovation within the beard category. With *33% year-over-year growth, we continue to outpace the category’s *16% year-over-year growth,” said Gerry Chesser CEO at Every Man Jack. “These developments reaffirm our commitment to elevating the beard category so we can continue to deliver exceptional grooming experiences to our loyal Every Man Jack community, as well as further our reach and appeal to a broader bearded consumer.”

Every Man Jack has released its first beard campaign, created by independent comedy agency Party Land and produced by Food Chain, debuting an imaginary musical phenomenon, “Them Beardles” – a band of facial-hair-clad musicians who show up to address common struggles faced by those who sport facial hair. Whatever kind of beard blues you have – whether it’s dry itchy skin, frizzy hair, patchiness – “Them Beardles” are here to show that Every Man Jack exists to solve them and make your beard better. This high-energy ensemble, bedecked in an array of distinctive facial hair, materializes almost as if from the imagination offering a product to elevate the beard care experience and boost confidence and overall well-being. This empowering message is delivered through an original song, which was written by the Party Land creative team, and is performed by employing their magnificent facial hair as instruments. The spots close with the brand’s new tagline, “A Better Beard Sounds Pretty Good.”

The musical narrative is the core of this fun, attention-grabbing TV campaign, guiding audiences through three relatable vignettes underscored by physical comedy. The composition embodies a fusion of country-western soul, Tennessee rock and roll, bluesy rhythms, and a dash of rockabilly charm. With twangy melody guitar, infectious walking basslines, unassuming percussion, and soulful harmonica flourishes, the result is a musical experience that leaves a lasting impression. The comedic campaign, will be distributed via digital & streaming media (inclusive of meta, TikTok & YouTube), with a 45 second TV ad spot starting 9/15 through 11/30.

Additionally, Every Man Jack has launched its most premium product collection to date, Small Batch Beard Collection available on and Amazon. This three-piece collection is a new direction from the brand’s existing products, dedicated to inspiring men to indulge in their everyday beard-care routines, with carefully crafted elixir of oils and sustainable, 50% PCR packaging and premium glass. Each product features a new intoxicating fragrance, Hinoki Spice, with notes of cypress, smoke, and peppery citrus, and is formulated with Jojoba, Squalane, and Avocado oils to nourish, hydrate, and style beards of all lengths:

  • Hinoki Spice Beard + Face Wash ($19.99) Delivers a top-shelf beard cleanse with superior ingredients to cleanse facial hair without drying out skin for a smooth and silky soft texture.
  • Hinoki Spice Beard Oil ($19.99) Nourishes damaged beard hair and moisturizes the skin underneath, giving unmatched softness.
  • Hinoki Spice Beard Butter ($19.99) Style and softens beards with a touch of refined, smoky Hinoki Spice. Tames flyaway hairs and conditions with a premium blend of oils.

To support this new collection, Every Man Jack has teamed up with Celebrity Groomer, Michael Dueñas, who will serve as the brand’s first Celebrity Grooming Ambassador to provide insights and education around the usage and benefits of the Small Batch Beard Collection. With his expertise and knowledge, Every Man Jack will bring its consumers grooming-forward tutorials on how to achieve desired beard styles and maintain healthy-looking facial hair.

*Source: IRI data, latest 52 weeks ending 8/13/23

About Every Man Jack
One of the original Men’s care clean brands focused on using Naturally Derived Ingredients and making sustainably minded choices, Every Man Jack inspires men to take care of themselves and the world around them. Founded over 16 years ago by Ritch Viola, Every Man Jack was born at the base of Mt. Tamalpais in Marin County, CA, the epicenter of clean, active, and outdoor-focused lifestyles, and strives to make the cleanest, most effective, and affordable men’s care products. As a certified B-Corp brand, Every Man Jack bottles are made with 50% PCR, formulated without parabens, phthalates, dyes, GMOs, and never tested on animals. Every Man Jack is available at retailers including Target, Walmart, Amazon, and at

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