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in collaboration with ad agency Artefact 3000, eBay has launched a new ad titled “Find the Difference That Matches You.” The campaign aims to celebrate eBay’s unique inventory of 19 billion items and emphasizes the joy of finding one-of-a-kind items that genuinely resonate with one’s personality. The campaign launched in France in September 2023 includes a film that follows a young woman’s quest to find a unique mirror. It highlights that buying secondhand items aligns with responsible consumption and allows individuals to assert their identity. The campaign is set to appear on TV, in cinemas, on billboards, and online.

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The Good

  1. Emphasis on Individuality: eBay’s campaign successfully taps into the universal desire to find items that reflect one’s identity.
  2. Sustainability Angle: The campaign subtly promotes responsible consumption by encouraging the purchase of secondhand items.

The Bad

  1. Niche Appeal: While the campaign aims for universality, focusing on unique, one-of-a-kind items may not resonate with consumers looking for more conventional products.

Comparison with Competitors

  • Amazon’s Campaign: Unlike eBay, Amazon focuses on the convenience and speed of delivery rather than the uniqueness of items.
  • Etsy’s “Keep Commerce Human” Campaign also focuses on unique items but leans more toward handmade and artisanal products.
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eBay – Find the Difference That Matches You

Our Questions

  1. Is Individuality Overrated?: While eBay focuses on finding unique items that match one’s personality, is there a market for consumers prioritizing functionality over individuality?
  2. Sustainability or Marketing Gimmick?: The campaign promotes responsible consumption, but how committed is eBay to sustainability beyond this campaign?
  3. Global Appeal: Given that the campaign was initially launched in France, how well will it translate to other markets with different cultural norms and shopping behaviors?


Agency: Artefact 3000
​Creative lead: Charles-Antoine De Sousa / Charles Pivot
​Copywriter: Elie Souffan
​Art director: Steven Poindron
​Strategic planners: Jean Allary / Luca Turpin
​Account team: Leïla Achour / Louis Perrot / Dorian Libet Descorne
​Brand team: Ségolène de Noray / Alice Truong / Fabian Sautier
​TV producer: Isabelle Ménard
​Director: Côme Ferré
​Production: Wanda Productions
​Sound: Schmooze




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