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Chicken Licken ad 2023 – Cinematic Journey to Hollywood

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Chicken Licken‘s latest advertising campaign, “Feel the Fire,” is a cinematic rollercoaster that takes viewers on a journey with Khwezi, an aspiring actor played by Atandwa Kani of Black Panther fame. Khwezi struggles with his acting roles until he meets a flamboyant acting agent, Razz Matazz, who introduces him to Chicken Licken’s Rock My Soul. This product, described as the brand’s “hottest offering,” unlocks Khwezi’s emotional range and catapults him to Hollywood stardom. The ad, created by Joe Public and shot by Romance Films, was released in South Africa in September 2023 and aims to highlight the heat and flavor of Rock My Soul.

The Good

  1. Narrative Depth: The ad’s storyline is engaging and well-thought-out, providing a cinematic experience beyond mere product promotion.
  2. Star Power: Featuring Atandwa Kani adds a layer of credibility and excitement, especially for fans of Black Panther.
  3. Product Integration: The Rock My Soul product seamlessly integrates into the storyline, catalyzing Khwezi’s transformation.
A man with dreadlocks in front of a cinematic city.
The Bad
  1. Complexity: While engaging, the ad’s cinematic approach might be too complex for some viewers who are simply looking for a quick bite.
Comparison with Competitors
  • KFC: Unlike KFC’s straightforward ads, Chicken Licken opts for a more narrative-driven approach, making it more memorable but potentially less direct in its messaging.
  • Nando’s: Nando’s ads often incorporate humor and social commentary, whereas Chicken Licken focuses more on storytelling and emotional engagement.
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