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The idea of the new Dacia commercial is How to make a low budget advert for a car brand. The advertising agency Publicis poke use smart thinking to creates an advert without a full production crew, hired actors and big budgets

The 30-second spot was directed and produced by Vania + Muggia through Iconoclast Films, and shot in their flat in Tel Aviv. It took only four weeks to produce using three laptops, a drill, a record player, some bike lights and a 1:43 scale model of a Dacia Duster.

The film opens on an epic tracking shot of a Dacia Duster with all the hallmarks of the typical car commercial. Streetlights sweep past, revealing the curves of the bodywork and the spinning alloy wheels. The LED headlights flare in the camera lens. Wind and driving sounds can be heard as the music kicks in.

In a slow move, the camera pulls back from the car, but all is not as it seems. As laptop keyboards and people start coming into frame, we realise the car is not full size, but a scale model sat on top of one laptop screens playing a rolling road video with another laptop providing the backdrop for the illusion.

As the camera pulls back further, we reveal the music isn’t simply a soundtrack but is being played in real-time by one of the video creators using glasses and bottles filled with water. Back further still we see that a carefully positioned hairdryer is creating the sound of the road and even the narration is being delivered in real-time via speakerphone.



Interesting concept.

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