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MoneySuperMarket is launching a new TV commercial introducing the Money Calm Bull.
Created by advertising agency ENGINE, the advert will be the fourth of the ‘Get Money Calm’ series, which pledges to customers that MoneySuperMarket will help people experience more financial peace of mind.

The spot opens with the Money Calm Bull walking very calmly through a china shop, followed by a number of escalating, anxiety-inducing scenarios, from a chaotic kids’ birthday party and an army boot camp, to a fishing trawler in a storm. The spot culminates in the Money Calm Bull serenely riding an asteroid heading for Earth.

Whether he’s in a perilous, antagonising, or just socially awkward situation, the Money Calm Bull remains completely at ease because his bills are under control with MoneySuperMarket. Matt Berry’s voice accompanies a gentle Mozart score throughout, ending with the call to action to “Be like the Money Calm Bull and Get Money Calm.

The ad was directed by Nick Ball with Blink Productions, with post-production by the Untold Studios and voiceover by actor Matt Berry.

Marketing Director: Lloyd Page
Head of Brand and Brand Communications: Mel Stonier
Senior Brand Manager: Jim Butler
Agency: ENGINE
Agency Producers: Leila Bartlam
Assistant Producer: Victoria Doran
Strategy Director: Liz Baines
Senior Strategists: Ronaldo Pegoraro, Simon Butcher
Chief Creative Officer: Billy Faithfull
Creative Director: Chris Ringsell
Creative Team: Charlie Gee, Tian Murphy
Managing Director: Annie Gallimore
Business Leads: Eve Bui, Louise Hayward
Senior Account Director: Alex Worthington
Integrated Project Director: Liz Boothby
Account Team: Brittaney Anderson, Samar Rezvan, Clare Walker
Agency Designers: Eric Chia, Abbi Chard
Media Agency: Mediacom
Production Company: Blink Productions
Director: Nick Ball
Executive Producer: Paul Weston
Producer: Ewen Brown
Editor: Leo King @ Stitch
Sound Design: Ben Leeves @ Jungle Sound Studios
Carioca Studio represented by JSR Agency
Lead Creative Director: Dragos Traistaru
Lead Producer: Ruxandra Iacob
Post-Production: Untold Studios
VO: Matt Berry

Lloyd Page, Marketing Director at MoneySuperMarket, commented: “It’s been just over a year since we relaunched our brand and we know we have a powerful platform in Get Money Calm. The campaign is about communicating the universal, wonderful feeling of calm you feel when you know your bills are under control with MoneySuperMarket.

“The campaign is just part of the story. The new experiences and personalised tools we’ve launched are about helping customers save money in more ways, showing we’re a place customers can trust to help with all their financial needs, rather than a one-off solution to the annual problem of car insurance or energy switching.

“The new campaign sums up that feeling in a more powerful and distinct way than we have done before, allowing a far greater consistency in our execution. So, when it comes to your finances and bills, Be like the Money Calm Bull, and Get Money Calm.

Billy Faithfull, Chief Creative Officer, ENGINE Creative commented: “He’s a two-tonne, toss-you-in-the-air prize-winning bull the size of an ice-cream van, who’s calmer than a banana. If there is a world where The Money Calm Bull doesn’t exist to help us reach a higher plane of Money Calm, I don’t want to live there. Thank goodness MoneySuperMarket’s commitment to helping people reduce financial anxiety is matched only by their creative ambition.”

MoneySuperMarket: Get MoneyCalm
MoneySuperMarket: Get MoneyCalm
MoneySuperMarket: Get MoneyCalm
MoneySuperMarket: Get MoneyCalm
MoneySuperMarket: Get MoneyCalm



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  1. Advert misses the point entirely- gives the impression that, whilst all hell is letting loose around it, the poor bull simply has no idea as to what is going on and stands there motionless, in a world of it’s own.


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